420 friendly meaning

What Does 420-Friendly Mean and How Can You be 420 Friendly?

Cannabis culture is nothing if not friendly, which is probably why the term “420-friendly” is so ubiquitous within the community. Despite the massive strides legalization has made for the community, stigmatization and discrimination is still commonplace.

As such, the term “420-friendly,” once used in code for fellow cannabis enthusiasts, has made a resurgence back into the mainstream.

But where does the term come from and what does it actually mean?

Keep reading to learn the 411 on 420.

What does “420 Friendly” Mean? “420 Friendly” Definition & Meaning

420 friendly definition

The number 420 refers to everything in, about and of cannabis. Originally, the phrase ‘420’ was used to denote a universal date and time for fellow cannabis enthusiasts to meet up and smoke together. 4:20 PM was the de facto time to start smoking.

As the phrase spread, its meaning slowly changed, too. What began as a time to meet up and smoke eventually transitioned into a day of cannabis celebrations. Interpreted another way, 420 referred to 4/20, or April 20th. With time, cannabis advocacy and movement groups co-opted the number and date to advance cannabis legislation, the most notable of these events being 420 Vancouver, which has been celebrated for 26 years.

However, there is increasing criticism against using 420 as many corporations have appropriated 420 in the pursuit of profit.

Where Did 420 Friendly come From?

Cemented in urban myth and legend, nobody really knows where the 420 term came from. However, there are a few popular theories in circulation.

One of the places its origins back to a group of Golden State high schoolers. A story on NBC states that a “stoner clique who hung out at a particular wall between classes at San Rafael High School” is the one responsible for the inception of the phrase.

Referring to themselves as “The Waldos,” the five San Rafael High School students – Mark Gravitch, Larry Schwartz, Dave Reddix, Steve Capper and Jeffrey Noel – used the number to meet up discreetly to smoke. Eventually, the number made its way throughout the school and the rest is history.

However, this story goes back to the early ’70s. Since cannabis terms and cultural history weren’t codified, it’s impossible to verify whether this story is true or not.

Regardless of its veracity, the phraes’s legacy lives on. Today, the number represents something much bigger than “The Waldos” or the high school it came from. You can find “420-friendly” stickers and notices anywhere there are cannabis consumers!

Places You’ll See”420 Friendly”

The purpose of letting someone know you’re “420 friendly’ is so they’ll know that you won’t discriminate or treat them differently for being a fan of cannabis. With that being said, many places in public and in private have started to use the phrase to signal their acceptance and tolerance of cannabis.

Below are just a few examples of where you’ll see 4204 being used.

Hotels & Convention Centres

how to be cannabis friendly

Depending on where you’re travelling, some hotels might be comfortable with marijuana being consumed on their premises. In fact, with cannabis legislation slowly being metered out across much of the Western hemisphere, more and more hotels are being used to host marijuana conventions.

While you might not be able to smoke a joint or take a bong hit in your hotel room, it’s probable that a 420-friendly hotel will let you consume on your balcony or in its green space!

Apartments & Homes

Private residences and apartment areas tend to be shared spaces, so finding a 420-friendly place will be more difficult than non-smoking accommodations. Many landlords won’t appreciate smoking indoors or on your condo’s balcony, but you might be able to get away with smoking in the yard or the roof!

Alternatively, you can also use a THC vape pen to medicate discreetly without attracting too much attention.


Vape pens don’t produce lingering smoke and the vapour dissipates rapidly, which means that you can medicate without setting off any fire alarms or drawing too much attention.

Dating Sites and Platforms

dating sites

In a bid to be inclusive, many dating sites and platforms now allow their users to specify whether they’re “420-friendly” or not.

While this might seem like discrimination, it’s actually beneficial for the cannabis community as a whole. Dating preferences are important, and nobody should be shamed for liking what they like. Additionally, openly recognizing and allowing people to identify as “420 friendly” exposes the number to the general public and will slowly change public perception.

Many people might still be wondering “what does 420 friendly mean,” but with enough engagement and visibility, opinions will hopefully improve.

710 Meaning – What Does”710 Friendly” Mean?

You might not have heard of 710, but you’ve just been educated on the number 420 and what it means to be 420-friendly.

What does 710 mean?

710 is the flipside of 420, and by flip-side, we mean that this number covers an entirely different spectrum of cannabis products.

Unlike 420 which refers to all things cannabis, 710 is a much more niche term. Whereas 420 referred to the act of smoking cannabis through a joint, bong, or pipe at 4:20 PM or on April 20th, 710 or July 7th focuses on cannabis concentrates.

When flipped upside down, 710 resembles the word “OIL,” hence its adoption by the dabbing community. Currently, 710 isn’t as popular as 420, and it’ll be quite a long time before cannabis concentrates can enjoy the same light of day as cannabis flower.

420 Friendly – The Best Friend You Can Be

While it came from a less-than-popular origin, the 420 term has become an endearing phrase used by many in and outside of the cannabis community. When you consider the fact that there was no way to accurately tell whether someone was a cannabis smoker or not, this number helped connect friendly, 420 oriented folks with other friendly 420 folks.

Today, the term has been appropriated and co-opted by many, but this just means that you have to celebrate 4/20 the way it was meant to be celebrated – with close friends, good weed and good times.

We hope that this article has shed some light on the history and meaning behind the 420 number. Hopefully, you can better appreciate how 420 is used today and how it brings the cannabis community together!

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