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Cannabis Culture – What You Need to Know About Weed Etiquette

Beyond the infamous gatherings of 420, cannabis culture has been able to flourish, creating a strong bond and a sense of community among people who enjoy all things cannabis-related. That said, enjoying cannabis products is unmistakably a large proponent of cannabis culture. From the nuances of the smoke session itself to the situational awareness of one’s self while smoking cannabis in public, so called stoners and potheads alike have come together to form a culture around cannabis through decades of trial and error.

If you’re new to the scene, these unspoken rules may elude you and you may receive the occasional side-eye for your misconduct. To learn how you can keep the peace with your fellow patrons and bystanders, we’ve created an all-inclusive guide to cannabis etiquette and cannabis culture.

What is Cannabis Culture?

cannabis culture

In the recent years leading to the legalization of cannabis in North America, the internet has allowed stoners to conglomerate and form a union where tips and tricks of the trade are shared, tested, and ultimately refined. That said, cannabis culture is an ever-growing beast that seems to just get larger and larger as the cannabis industry grows.

At first glance, cannabis culture might look like a community of people who like to smoke weed, eat weed, taste weed, and rub weed all over their bodies, the roots of the cannabis community actually run much deeper than that.

Once you get past the superficial side of cannabis culture, you’ll find that a large portion of the people in the community dedicate their time to educating people about the benefits (and dangers) of cannabis, sharing their own experiences and research about cannabis, as well as applying science and much more to contribute to the collective understanding of marijuana. 

Today, cannabis culture runs the gamut from medical and recreational advice about cannabis to the mass coordination of fun and exciting events.

Events like the infamous 420 mega fest, the Emerald Cup, and even Seattle’s Hempfest bring people from all walks of life together under the umbrella a shared and unified love of cannabis culture. In many areas, many of these events and meetups revolve around connection professionals within the industry, sharing new ideas, and creating new opportunities to strengthen both the culture and economy.

5 Cannabis Etiquette Tips in Cannabis Culture

cannabis culture guide

Now that you’re aware of what cannabis culture is, it’s time to learn about the glue that binds cannabis culture together, the cornerstone of cannabis culture – smoking a joint. Here are some tips and tricks so you can keep your smoke sessions flowing smoothly and easily.

Don’t Hog The Joint

The art of the puff-puff-pass means that you don’t hog the joint all to yourself. When enjoying marijuana in groups it’s important to be mindful of others. Cannabis, especially the top-shelf flower, can get up there in terms of price.

If you know you’re the type to get chatty when burning one down, remember to pass the joint. To keep it simple, the standard is to take a couple drags and then pass it to the next person in line, hence the name puff-puff-pass.

Don’t Share a Joint if You’re Sick

You’re here to have a good time, not to spread your sickness. Nobody likes the germs of a sick person, especially if it’s contagious. If you know you’re sick or even have an inkling of a suspicion that something might be around the corner, take preventative measures when smoking in groups, either roll your own joint or stay at home. Again, it’s just common courtesy it shouldn’t require an explanation.

Keep The Joint Dry

Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of a wet joint. Proper etiquette means that you keep the joint as dry as possible if sharing with people. If you’re having trouble with it, you can practice wedging the joint in between your index and middle finger while clenching a fist and using your other hand to seal off the gap where your pinky lies.

Once you’ve got everything in position, you can inhale the smoke through the hole between your index finger and thumb. What this does is help remove any unnecessary contact between your mouth and the tip of the joint, a great practical tip when smoking in groups and within cannabis culture.

Don’t Blow Smoke in People’s Faces

Sometimes, you can’t control when the weed will make cough and spill your smoke, but when you do have full control of it, always exhale in a direction that is clear of other people. Nobody in cannabis culture appreciates smoke being blown at them, and if you happen to accidentally do it against your will, apologize immediately.

Needless to say, the smell of burnt cannabis isn’t exactly a pleasant aroma enjoyed by all. Besides, blowing smoking in the direction of others is incredibly inconsiderate and shows a lack of respect.

Be Welcoming

If you’re enjoying some marijuana with a group of new faces, it doesn’t hurt to offer the first hit to new people in your group help ease them in and welcome them to the group. If you’re the host of the session, offer up the first toke to the guests and try not to push too hard if they aren’t feeling like it.

As a host, it’s important to cultivate an environment where everyone feels comfortable and at ease to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves, and if you’re not the host, strive to raise the bar and set an example for the future. After all, nobody likes to be peer pressured.

Key Takeaways on Cannabis Culture

From the coordination of cannabis-inspired events to the etiquette of cannabis culture, this network of sharing ideas and beliefs is one of the most fastest-growing cannabis movements known to mankind. All in all, cannabis culture has helped improve the integrity of the community for the better, helping spread valuable medical information as well as the unspoken rules of cannabis consumption.

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of what’s acceptable and what’s not, you can hit the ground running and enjoy your smoke sessions with confidence.

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