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Hiking With Weed – Tips For a Safe and Fun Experience

Hiking with weed is becoming an increasingly attractive excursion for those wanting to take their outdoor activities to new heights. When enjoyed responsibly in the great outdoors, cannabis can be an excellent addition to any hike or activity. 

Feeling the warm sunshine on your face while overlooking and admiring a fantastic vista is an indescribable feeling. However, hiking with weed can also be hazardous if you do not follow the appropriate safety practices. 

At the end of the day, cannabis is a mind and body-altering substance. Failure to respect it for what it is can and will lead to less than desirable results.

With that being said, today, we’re exploring the ins and outs of hiking with weed so that you can prepare for the next time you decide to enjoy some cannabis alongside the elements.

Hiking with Weed – 8 Tips to Safely Enjoy Cannabis on Your Next Hike

Plan Thoughtfully

Hikers will already be familiar with the pre-trip planning that hiking requires. Whether you’re looking to complete a day-hike or overnight to peak a summit, hiking checklists and planning for the worst-case scenario are essential for ensuring a safe, enjoyable excursion.

When incorporating cannabis into the mix, more thoughtful consideration is necessary. 

When hiking with weed, it’s essential to keep in mind that you will not be operating at your peak efficiency – pun intended. As previously mentioned, cannabis is a mind and body-altering substance. Depending on the strain you choose to bring along with you and your preferred consumption method, it can influence your body immensely.

hiking with weed tips

Those who view themselves as esteemed hikers might want to take a step back and consider a more leisurely, shorter hike if they plan on hiking with weed. Additionally, hikers should choose a strain that won’t tire them out or sedate the body. 

As such, it’s best to avoid using heavy indica strains such as Northern Lights, Death Bubba and Rock Tuna. On the other hand, Blue Dream and Sour Diesel are energizing sativa strains that can help center your mind and help exemplify nature’s innate beauty. 

Hikers should also avoid edibles. The body metabolizes the THC in edibles into a compound called 11-Hydroxy-THC, which tends to last longer and produces more potent effects than other consumption methods. 

Pack Additional Water

Hikers should always bring more water than they need on a hike, especially if it’s their first time on that particular trail. This sentiment rings especially true when you’re hiking with cannabis. 

Cannabis enthusiasts will be familiar with the feeling of parched, dry mouths after using marijuana. Additionally, when you’re exerting yourself out in the elements, you’re going to be expending more water than usual. As such, if you’re hiking with weed, you’re going to want to consume even more water just to keep your mouth and your body hydrated. 

That said, the regular amount of water you would bring on a hike will not be enough.

Make a plan to bring more water than you think you’ll need, especially if you’re considering smoking multiple times up and down the mountain. You’ll be saving yourself from a potential heatstroke or worse.

Be Respectful

Everybody who seeks to enjoy the outdoors must also be respectful of the environment that they’re in. When hiking with weed, this means leaving no trace behind and picking up after yourself. If you plan on enjoying a joint while up in the mountains, be sure to bring a Zip-Lock bag with you to store any remnants, such as butt-ends. 

It’s inconsiderate and impedes others’ experience to discover litter in an otherwise pristine outdoor setting. In these instances, it’s best to channel the mantra: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

If you don’t want to bring a Zip-Lock with you, consider using a vape pen, instead. Learning how to use a THC vape pen is easy. Not only are they incredibly portable, but they also don’t require you to transport your entire stash box should the inspiration to roll a joint strike.

Another perk of using a vape pen when hiking with weed is that you won’t be disturbing your fellow hikers. Many people will not enjoy the smell of weed smoke wafting towards them when they’re outdoors, even if they’re 420 friendly. Being respectful on a hike means being respectful to others on the trail as well as the environment.

Hooti THC Distillate Vaporizer Pen Kits are made with state-of-the-art premium THC distillate and reintroduced strain-specific terpenes, presenting the ideal compromise between potency and flavour. They’re suitable for medicating any time, anywhere, making them the perfect tool to take on a hike. 

Bring Snacks

Your hiking toolkit should already include energy-packed snacks such as granola bars and trail mix. When you’re hiking with weed, bringing food is an absolute must. Hiking exerts a significant amount of energy and calories in order to keep going. 

When you’re using cannabis, this feeling is compounded by the effect of increased hunger, colloquially referred to as ‘the munchies.’ 

Under the influence of cannabis, most food items will have an enhanced flavour. This effect is an excellent opportunity to pack healthier, hike-friendly snacks instead of a bag of chips or a chocolate bar. 

Doing so will serve your fitness goals more effectively than consuming copious amounts of junk food.

Don’t go Hiking with Weed Alone

Anything can happen on a hike. Even the most seasoned mountaineers have faced unpredictable circumstances that have required the aid of another person. If you’re hiking with weed, you’re hiking under the influence. 

Cannabis can make you feel disoriented, unfocused and run the risk of you getting lost while on the trail. Bringing a friend or a group along will give you safety in numbers and help you stay focused on the experience. 

Enjoy the Experience

hiking with weed guide

The lovely thing about hiking is that it can be as intense or as leisurely as you make it, so breathe deeply, take it easy, and slow down. One of the best elements of hiking with weed will do for you is shift your headspace away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Safely incorporating cannabis into a hiking excursion allows users to completely immerse themselves in nature and the moment to feel the sun on their back and the wind in their hair.

Allow yourself the opportunity to unwind and take it slow. After all, you’re hiking with weed, so let all of the different sensations, feelings, and perspectives sink in.

Understand the Risks

Hiking under normal circumstances comes with its own unique set of inherent risks and dangers. From encountering aggressive wildlife to getting lost, several things can go wrong in a hike.

Fortunately, as we previously mentioned, proper planning mitigates most of these risks and prepares hikers for the worst while anticipating the best.

That said, users should also be extra vigilant when hiking with weed. It’s vital to recognize the fact that you’re not going to be performing at your best and refrain from taking any unnecessary risks. 

In these particular circumstances, it’s best to select a trail you’re familiar with that isn’t too technical. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re actually on the trail and can enjoy it without worrying too much about potential hazards or injuries.

Post-Hike Recovery

Hiking is a strenuous activity. It can place stress on knee joints, muscles, and the overall body. It’s more than likely that users will be sore and tired after hiking, especially if it’s a long journey. Some may be compelled to smoke more cannabis. 

However, rather than reaching for the THC, we would recommend utilizing the healing properties of CBD instead.

A post-hike CBD tincture can work effectively in helping your body recover. You’ll feel relaxed and soothed as the CBD works to soothe sore muscles without providing any psychoactive properties or resulting in you being under the influence. 

THC has a plethora of benefits. Still, if you’ve been using it throughout the day while hiking, it’s best not to overdo it by ingesting more post-hike.

Hooti Extracts CBD Tinctures embodies an artisan, full-spectrum approach to medicating with CBD, allowing users to experience the benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effects. 

They keep things simple by only containing broad-spectrum CBD extract, premium MCT oil and natural fruit flavourings to allow you to get back to the simple things in life and enjoy nature. 

Hiking with Weed Best Practices 

Cannabis can help you connect to nature on a deeper, more emotional level and help you get in tune with your surroundings. Hiking with weed can be a fulfilling and mind-opening experience when the proper precautions are in place. 

That said, failure to respect the wildlife and terrain can also lead to adverse situations. As such, it is paramount for users to take the necessary preparations and pack the essential provisions to promote the most substantial likelihood of a safe, successful trek. 

Packing strategically with waste-free products, such as cannabis tinctures or vaporizers, also contribute to preserving the most natural and authentic nature experience for your fellow hikers. 

The next time you’re hiking with weed, consider these 8 tips on how to hike with cannabis safely.

Stay safe!

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