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The hotbox is one of the most extravagant celebrations of cannabis culture, which says a lot because cannabis culture has managed to make its way into various aspects of society, including film, social media, and even the news from to time. 

That said, there are a ton of things associated with cannabis culture, from the memes that bring you laughter and joy all the way to the individual stories and experiences that people share with one another. 

A favourite of Cheech & Chong, hotboxing is something that is reserved for special occasions. It isn’t a daily activity that should be used too frequently, nor should it be avoided altogether. 

Just like a Goldilocks and the Three Bears scenario, the occasion has to be just right. 

In fact, for many tokers existing within the wonderful world of weed, hotboxing can be a rite of passage. The ceremony that can propel you from a simple recreational smoker to an experienced cannabis enthusiast.

If you’re wondering what a hotbox is and how it plays into the world of cannabis, then keep on reading. We’re going to break it down and show you how to start hotboxing on your own.

What Does Hotbox Mean?

What does hotbox mean

A hotbox is an airtight room that encapsulates all the smoke that comes from the smoking of at least one joint. The participants of a hotbox will be subject to inhaling the residual marijuana smoke from either the burning joint(s) or the exhaled vapour of the people smoking inside. 

Ideally, these conditions create a room where smokers not only get high from the joints they’re smoking but also simply by breathing inside it.

Hotboxing is one of the louder and fun ways to enjoy weed with friends. Many people also believe that being in a hotbox can get you higher than average. 

They believe the combination of the smoke inhaled from the joints in tandem with the residual smoke surrounding them compounds the high to new heights, allowing for each person in the hotbox to get extremely baked.

Can it Actually get you Higher?

While it might seem like a good idea on paper, the findings may not impress you so much. When talking about the efficacy of a hotbox, you’re essentially talking about the efficacy of a contact high

Fortunately for all of us, John Hopkins University conducted an experiment in 2015 looking at the potential effects of inhaling second-hand cannabis smoke. The researchers at John Hopkins University gathered a total of 12 participants, a group of 6 cannabis smokers and 6 non-smokers. 

The experiment itself took place in two different phases. One involving the participants in an unventilated room, and the second phase where the room was fully ventilated, allowing for proper airflow.

In the first half of the experiment, all 12 participants were placed in an unventilated room where the cannabis smokers were handed a total of 60 high THC joints to smoke. Both groups of cannabis smokers and non-smokers were to communicate and interact with each other while the joints were smoked in the room.


Over the course of an hour, each of the cannabis smoking group members burned through a total of 10 joints, with the smoke visibly clouding the vision of everyone in the room.

In the latter half of the experiment, the researchers emulated the same scenario except in a well-ventilated room. The 12 participants followed the same procedure, with the cannabis smoking group consuming a total of 60 high potency joints and the other 6 interacting with them while in the same room.

As far as the findings go, the researchers were able to conclude that secondhand cannabis smoke can in fact result in a contact high. However, this type of contact high can only occur in extreme circumstances where there is no ventilation, meaning the room must be compact and tightly sealed in order for this method to work.

Comparing the results of the two phases of the experiment, the researchers stated that “Data from active smokers who participated in multiple sessions were analyzed together and are presented together because their levels of cannabinoid exposure did not significantly differ as a function of room ventilation,” explaining that any type of free-floating marijuana smoke that is inhaled while the user is already high will likely produce insignificant effects.

While we hate to be the bearer of bad news, even though being in a hotbox won’t get you any higher than smoking a good old regular joint would, that doesn’t mean they’re still not a hell of a lot of fun to do. 

In fact, the hotbox is an iconic celebration of weed. It is both daring and extravagant and most notable as one of the loudest and most noticeable ways to get your fix of weed.

Is a Hotbox Dangerous?

When we said that the hotbox was great for special occasions and not for everyday use, it isn’t because hotboxing itself is bad, but it can definitely be dangerous if not properly executed. 

The reason why we say this is because, in order for a hotbox to work, the room needs to be small and fully sealed, allowing for no air to escape. Due to these requirements, most people like to use their cars or small rooms.

However, in order to successfully hotbox a room safely, you’ll need to ensure that you have an escape plan just in case the smoke or air gets too cloying and it becomes too difficult to breathe. 

If you’re using a car to hotbox, you can easily roll down a window or step out of the vehicle. If you’re hotboxing a room in a house or an apartment, ensure an exit or alternative room is nearby.

It goes without saying that driving while high is a no-go. Not only is it unsafe, but it is also highly irresponsible. If you’re using your car to hotbox, it’s likely that you’ll have to leave it parked overnight. That said, for the sake of convenience, you’ll want to make sure you have it parked in a place that allows for overnight parking and is within walking distance from your home.

Hotbox – Worth a Try 

The hotbox is a cult favorite and quite a sight to see. For many cannabis enthusiasts, participating in a hotbox is like a rite of passage that can be used to sprout a few hairs on the chests of novice smokers. 

It’s one of the most iconic and noticeable ways to enjoy your weed in a public space. While it may not get you any higher than a regular joint would, the act of creating a hotbox is a hell of a lot of fun with the right people. 

If you’re interested in trying to hotbox a room for yourself, make sure you plan it out properly, giving you and your participants an exit plan in case it gets too intense.

Remember to stay safe, enjoy and have fun.

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