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How to Choose, Use and Buy a CBD Vape Pen

CBD has been around for a while, but CBD vape pens are the CBD product that’s taking over the market by storm. 

Growing in popularity for their health effects and ease of use, cannabidiol vape pens are regarded to be the fastest and most effective way to reap the benefits of CBD. 

Unlike smoking, it produces a healthier vapour packed with cannabinoids and terpenes instead of harsh, lung irritating smoke. Their discreetness, convenience and portability have made them the most popular method to medicate with CBD. 

That being said, not all CBD vape pens are created equal. Let’s explore how CBD vape pens are used and what to look for when shopping for one.

What is a CBD Vape Pen?

Vape pens are electronic devices that vaporize cannabis oils and distillates through the use of an atomizer, a battery and a cartridge. Instead of producing smoke, a vape pen produces an odourless vapour. 

Vape pens entered the market around 20 years ago as an alternative to smoking. Today, most vape pens have two discrete components: a cartridge of distillate (also known as a cart, vape juice, vape oil, or e-juice) with a mouthpiece and a pen battery that the cartridge is screwed onto.

Content-wise, CBD vape carts contain CBD distillate that can be heated and inhaled through the device’s mouthpiece. 

Keep in mind that CBD vape juice shouldn’t be confused with oral oils or tinctures. CBD vape juice is CBD vape oil, meaning it is compatible with vaping devices and should not be taken orally.

Why People Vape CBD

People use CBD for a variety of reasons. It’s been shown to help depression and anxiety, as well as stress and insomnia. CBD also has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that can ease ailments ranging all the way from post-exercise muscle fatigue to carpal tunnel syndrome and more. 

CBD is also used to treat symptoms of certain neurological conditions, including epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis.

There are a few advantages of vaping CBD instead of using another method of consumption such as tinctures or edibles, for example. 

Vaped CBD provides the highest bioavailability, meaning more CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Vaping is the fastest method of delivery for CBD, with most people feeling the onset of effects within 15 minutes. This is especially important when using CBD for acute symptoms, such as an anxiety attack or nausea. 

To learn more about the differences between vaping vs smoking, read our linked guide. 

How to Use a CBD Vape Pen

how to use a CBD vape pen

While there are many types of vape pens, each with different features and benefits, they all work in essentially the same fashion.

The cartridge of CBD distillate is screwed onto the battery, which heats the liquid and powers an atomizer, producing vapour for you to inhale from the mouthpiece. Some vape pens are activated by inhalation, whereas others are activated with a button. 

Some vape cartridges and batteries are meant to be disposed of once they are used up; others are refillable but should still be thrown away after a few uses as the atomizer gets worn out. 

Fully disposable vape pens are also available, coming as single-piece devices ready to be used straight from the box. Keep in mind that they are usually not rechargeable or refillable and need to be disposed of once their batteries or cartridges completely drain. 

How to Choose the Best CBD Vape Pen

Consider these factors when shopping for the best vape pen to suit you and your needs.


As we mentioned above, there are different categories of vaping devices which include refillable, disposable and reusable types.

If you have never vaped before, you may want to start with a disposable CBD vape pen. However, remember that disposable vapes are meant to be used for a short period of time.

If you plan on using your battery for a longer duration of time and don’t mind purchasing replacement cartridges, investing in a reusable vape pen is a good option.

CBD Distillate Type

CBD products are available in three varieties: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. CBD isolate is not a common ingredient in vape pens given its high purity and need for diffusion. 

Full-spectrum CBD 

Full-spectrum contains a range of cannabinoids, each providing its own health benefits while also enhancing the efficacy of the CBD. 

Full-spectrum CBD is considered to be the most effective because the presence of additional cannabinoids provides an “entourage effect.” 

Cannabinoids-wise, full-spectrum CBD products include up to 0.3% THC, which is not enough to cause psychoactive effects but is enough to trigger a positive on a drug screen.

Broad-spectrum CBD 

Broad-spectrum CBD is similar to full-spectrum, except that it has been distilled to remove THC. There is still an entourage effect provided by additional cannabinoids, albeit slightly less potent. 

Additionally, there may still be residual traces of THC in broad-spectrum products, but it is not an active component as it is in full-spectrum products.


Pre-filled CBD cartridges and refillable juices are available in a range of tasty flavours to enhance your vaping experience. Mint and mild fruit flavours are available, with many brands offering other unique flavours and strains. 


When it comes to vape pens, you’ll find a range of options to choose from. 

A simple reusable vape featuring a rechargeable battery pen that screws onto your cartridge will be relatively inexpensive. However, a more advanced battery and cartridge kit with variable temperature control will demand a higher price tag.

For example, our Hooti Extracts Distillate Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit includes a vape battery with an LCD screen and variable temperature control with two included vape kits for $105, available for purchase at our partner online dispensary vendor. 

The Future of Medicating With CBD? 

CBD vapes allow you to indulge in CBD and deliver it right to your bloodstream in a matter of minutes. They are discreet, efficient and smell great!

Where can you buy them?

Most dispensaries offer a wide range of high-quality CBD products, including vapes, in addition to their marijuana offerings. Dispensary employees are knowledgeable and can help guide you in the right direction when selecting your first CBD vape.

If you don’t have any dispensaries nearby or prefer not to shop in person, you can also order CBD from an online dispensary. With CBD gaining popularity over the last few years, the online market for CBD has been flooded with many inferior products.

Do your research, and we hope you soon find your perfect vape pen!

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