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How to Hide Your High – 3 Helpful Tips

Knowing how to hide your high is an essential skill. In today’s cultural milieu, the social acceptance of weed is growing larger and larger. In spite of that, the stigma against cannabis is still widespread and prevalent. 

Depending on where you are, being high in public still might earn you more than a few disapproving stares, especially if you don’t know how to hide your high.

For experienced cannabis users, hiding your high and maintaining a low profile may come to be second nature. Whether it’s disapproving neighbours, curious kids, or even judgemental family, knowing how to hide your high is not only respectful, it keeps inquisitive, prying, and critical eyes away from you and your medicine. 

Learning how to hide your high isn’t that difficult, and once you get the hang of the basics, you’ll be able to do it in no time, too. 

If you are a beginner and are looking for tips or think you know but would like to learn some new tricks, we have developed a helpful guide for hiding your high. 

3 Ways to Hide Your High

Control the Smell

hide your high tips

There’s no two ways about it, cannabis smells. It’s pungent out of the jar. When you burn it up in a joint or a bong, it’s even more noticeable. After a smoke session, everything from your hands to clothes and even your breath will likely carry its distinct odour.  

When you’re smoking weed, it’s easy for your sense of smell to acclimate itself to the scent. Even areas that you might not even suspect of smelling like weed, such as your hair or clothes, could absorb the fumes. 

If you roll your joints, the first thing you’ll have to worry about is your hands. Not only can they pick up the scent of weed during the rolling process, but they’ll also smell like smoke when you bring the joint to your lips. 

To circumvent this, pack a small container of hand sanitizer or simply wash your hands with soap after finishing medicating. 

Once your hands are taken care of, you’ll need to rectify your breath, too. Short of brushing your teeth, a few breath mints should do wonders to keep your breath fresh. Brushing your teeth isn’t just useful for eliminating the smell. It’ll also prevent the buildup of weed tar on your teeth. 

Now, it’s time to move on to the clothes.

If you’re smoking outside and moving simultaneously, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about scent-wise. Your clothes will only smell like cannabis if you’re smoking inside or standing in close proximity to somebody who’s smoking. 

Why Vaporizers are the Better Option

One of the best methods for eliminating the lingering smell of cannabis is to opt for an ingestion method with minimal fragrances. One such solution is switching out your traditional joint, bong or pipe for a vaporizer pen. 

Not only are vaporizer pens easier on the nose, but they are also discreet and portable. In other words, they allow for a more efficient cannabis experience by not having to bring your entire weed kit with you should you wish to medicate on the go.

Our Hooti THC Distillate Vaporizer Kit allows users to choose from 9 unique flavours of cartridges made with our top-shelf blend of THC Distillate and reintroduced strain-specific terpenes for a soothing vaping experience that doesn’t compromise potency or flavour. 

Control the Giggles

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “apparel oft proclaims the man,” but how you smell and look won’t matter much if you’re acting strange or behaving out of the ordinary. 

Cannabis supplies a myriad of healing benefits and delightful effects. It can help us relax, destress, and unwind. However, it can also cause uncontrollable fits of laughter, cause us to wax poetic, and make us paranoid. 

Hiding your high involves playing it cool, which, at the very least, means keeping the giggles to a minimum. Once those floodgates of laughter open, it’s almost nearly impossible to get them closed again. 

Each small little detail will build upon the previous to keep and build up the momentum, resulting in a laughing fit that’ll leave you with a sore stomach. If you can, try not to engage in too much social interaction, you never know what might open the floodgates, which segues us into our next piece of advice:

Play the Part

how to hide your high

Keeping the laughter at a minimum and not smelling like you’ve just finished smoking are great starting points, but all that won’t amount to anything if you’re acting like a stereotypical stoner.

What does a stereotypical stoner look like, you may ask? Couch lock to the point where you’re unable even to lift a limb away from the couch, eating excessive amounts that go above and beyond a typical amount, and waxing poetic and attempting to engage in philosophical conversation even though your train of thought is completely derailed.

As we previously stated, keeping your social interaction to a minimum is ideal if you can help it. If you’re in a pinch, sometimes feigning a headache or explaining that you are uncomfortable talking at the moment is a good way to get out of a conversation. 

If you’re unable to avoid having a conversation entirely, keep it generic. Don’t probe for questions, don’t press for answers, and keep yours short and to the point. If the other party thinks you’re too tired to talk, that’s great. If they’re satisfied and walk away, that’s even better. 

Steering clear of social interactions and conversations is also an excellent method for hiding your red eyes. If you’ve been smoking something particularly potent, your eyes will be extremely bloodshot

To go the distance in mastering the “hide your high” process, ensure that you have some eye drops with you should you decide to smoke or vape. It’ll keep your eyes moist and help alleviate some of the redness. 

Hide Your High – A Combined Approach

Learning how to hide your high effectively and appropriately is a skill set that every cannabis user should have. 

Whether you are in a formal setting or simply wish to not draw any unnecessary attention your way, these methods are popular go-to’s that will help you maintain a low profile. 

If you somehow find yourself in a situation in which you have ingested more cannabis than what would allow you to hide your high effectively, there are methods for combatting green out and weed hangovers, as well. 

Such approaches include staying hydrated, taking a nap or eating to get your blood sugar levels back up to where they should be. 

Additionally, while it may seem counterintuitive, many cannabis users swear by CBD as a tried and true method for combatting the adverse effects of ingesting too much cannabis. For those looking to consume pure CBD, Hooti CBD Isolate is an excellent choice. 

CBD in its purest form possible, Hooti CBD Isolate, is sure to do the trick when it comes to battling symptoms in which CBD can cure. 

As always, stay safe and enjoy responsibly.

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