How to Make Hash in 4 Different Ways

What do you think of when you think of hash?

Some people think of a puck-shaped brick of dense, dank-smelling hashish. Other people think of finely powdered baggies of kief hash. Other people are more familiar with little balls of finger hash that they’ve made when they’ve trimmed their own marijuana plants. Yet others think of fresh bubble hash.

None of these different types of hash are considered ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than each other. They are generally just made with different production methods. They share different consistencies, flavours and potencies, but ultimately they are all considered hash: a marijuana concentrate that is made from the isolated trichomes of the marijuana plant.

There are lots of different types of hash, and there are also lots of different ways that you can make it. In this article, we’re going to talk about different ways that you can make hashish.

The Classic: Hand-Made Hash

It’s possible to make hash with nothing but cannabis and your own 2 hands. In fact, for many thousands of years, this was the only way that people made hash. It’s effective, it’s fun (though your hands might get a little sticky), and as long as you have a bit of patience, it’s easy.

All you need is a good amount of cannabis plant matter. One of the main ways that hand-made hash (also known as finger hash) is made is by making use of the trimmings from cannabis plants.

What You’ll Need

  • Cannabis plant matter/trimmings

The Method

  • When you are working with cannabis plants, many of the trichomes from the buds and leaves that you touch stick to your hands.
  • As you continue to work with the plants, the trichomes will stack up. Eventually, you will be able to scrape the trichomes off your hands and roll them into balls or compress them into bricks.
  • You can make finger hash by rubbing and rolling the leaves and trimmings that are left over from processing marijuana.

One tip is to make sure that your hands are nice and clean before doing this.

Making Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a relatively new method of making hash, but it’s become immensely popular. It’s very effective and will produce quite a large yield, however, it does require that you get some special equipment.

What You’ll Need

  • Cannabis mesh bags, such as the Ice-O-Lator, specifically developed for making bubble hash.
  • Cannabis trimmings
  • 2 buckets
  • Ice water
  • A wooden spoon

The Method

The process for making bubble hash isn’t terribly difficult, as long as you’re prepared.

  • First, put your trimmings in a bucket with a lot of ice and then pour water into the bucket until the trimmings are completely covered.
  • Stir the mixture. Low temperatures tend to make the trichomes hard and brittle, and stirring the mixture will help to break them off of the plant matter. Keep stirring for around 15 minutes.
  • Set your cannabis mesh bags up in the other bucket, making sure to curl the tops over the edge of the bucket so that they’re secure. If you’re using Ice-O-Lator bags (which are quite standard) start with the smallest mesh and move upwards.
  • Pour the mixture of cold cannabis trimmings into your mesh bag bucket, then let it be for about 15 minutes while it drains.
  • Pull out the first mesh bag. While holding it above the bucket, pour more iced water over the bag (it can help to have a friend for this part). This will wash away any leftover trichomes. Give the bag a shake and let it drain.
  • Repeat this with the bags of increasingly finer mesh. Each time you strain it, your hash will become of better quality.
  • Take the hash out of each bag and dry them separately. Each one will be a slightly different quality, so don’t mix them together.

Dry Screening / Dry Sifting

Dry sifting is a very popular way to make hash.

What You’ll Need

  • Your cannabis trimmings
  • A silkscreen
  • Baking paper (slightly larger in size than your silkscreen)
  • A credit card

The Method

  • First, you want to cool your cannabis trimmings. The easiest way to do this is to leave them in the freezer overnight so the trichomes become brittle and snap off easier.
  • Put the baking paper down on a flat surface, such as a kitchen counter.
  • Place your trimmings on the silkscreen, breaking up any big pieces, and then move the trimmings around on the silkscreen.
  • All the goodies that fall down through the silkscreen will be your trichomes. Collect the trichomes. You should be able to collect about 10-20 percent of the volume of your weed in trichomes.

While this is technically considered kief, many people call the end product hash. However, it’s possible to press this kief into real hash.

Making Kief Hash

Making kief hash is not hard and can be made through various methods. You can make a lot of kief through the silk screen method, for example. You can also scrape the kief out of your grinder and save it.

What You’ll Need

  • A hash press or pollen press
  • Alternative: Baking powder

The Method

  • Turning the kief into an actual brick of hash requires a bit more equipment. Select either a hash press or a pollen press.
  • With the press, all you have to do is fill it with kief and press it down, forming a nice block.
  • If you don’t have a press, you can be a bit more creative and wrap it up in baking powder.
  • Press this together with your fingers or apply force using something like a heavy book and your body weight.

And there you have it!

Final Thoughts on How to Make Hash

There are many different types of hashish and many ways of making hash. Fortunately, most of these methods can be easily performed at home. Now you know how you can make kief hash, bubble hash, and finger hash without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

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