How to Vape Hash With the Best Vaporizer

Are you looking for ways of how to vape hash? Well, you’ve come to the right place. And no, we don’t mean stuffing your bubble hash into your vaping chamber with brutal force. Vaping hashish the right way is all about knowing what kind of hash you have, the type of vaporizer best suited for it and the tools to make things easier.

In this article, that’s exactly what we’ll break down so that you can have a positive experience.

What is Hash?

Hash (hashish) is the grandfather of all cannabis concentrates being in use for at least 1000 years. The concentrate is generally consumed with joints, bongs, pipes and hookahs, and is made through various extraction processes.

Each type of hash differs on how cannabinoids are extracted from dried flower buds. Yet with so many methods invented over the years, they all resemble collecting dried flower resin and crystals. Then you compress it with heat to form a ball or block-like figure that has a solid or paste-like texture.

Being a cannabis extract, hash also contains a higher cannabinoid and terpene profile than dried flowers, with THC levels generally hovering between 20-50 percent.

Tips For How to Vape Hash

what is hash

Vaping hashish the right way requires some of the best practices in mind, where without them, you could easily waste your hash and vaporizer in one attempt. Not a resourceful outcome, is it? Here are some best practices to keep in mind for how to vape hash correctly.

1. Use Degummed Hemp Fibre

For particular vaporizers, you’ll need degummed hemp fibre because without it, your hash will melt and clog up your valuable vape. Being a natural solution, place the hemp fibre anywhere in your vape chamber where melted hash will be exposed to, or place it on top of your hash. If you want to avoid the trouble of buying degummed hemp fibre, make sure you select a vape model that comes with liquid or concentrate pads.

2. Measure The Dose

Your specific vape’s oven is designed to vaporize only a certain amount of cannabis. If you have more than the optimal amount, expect wasted hashish as it’s possible that it won’t be heated evenly. This results in the quality and number of draws to be compromised. For starters, some have reported that 0.1 grams of hashish is an optimal amount for a vaping session, producing up to 10 quality draws. Anything less is still expected to work fine.

3. Cut Your Hash Into Small Pieces

Have you heard of priming your hash with heat before smoking? By running a lighter around your hash, it will become soft, crumble and be more ready for smokage.

However, doing so is said to waste certain terpene molecules, which are essential in contributing to your experience. Although it’s just ‘he says, she says’ rhetoric, you might want to avoid this by breaking your hashish into smaller pieces with a chopping board and sharp knife.  

4. Select The Right Temperature

Temperature matters when vaping. And when it comes to hashish, it’s no different. The reason is that certain cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are activated at various temperatures.

If you’re seeking a mild experience with hash, where you are slightly sedated, adjust your vape to around 185 degrees celsius. For an experience where the purpose is to get some nice sleep in, adjust your vape’s temp to above 200 degrees celsius.

5. Use Pollen Hash

Another alternative for vaping hash is to use pollen hash, which is brownish and powdery in texture, resembling kief. Pollen hash is more crumble than its sticky counterpart, making it more easy to break into pieces, thus more ideal for a vaping experience.

Regardless of what type of hash you use, we still recommend tip #1, that being using degummed hemp fibre. You won’t regret using it afterwards! We promise.

How to Find the Best Vaporizer For Vaping Hash

how to vape has properly

Vaping is a huge business, and because of that a tsunami of different models are available online and in-store. We found that there are generally 3 types of vapes for weed: conduction, convection and hybrids.

Knowing about each one can help tremendously when vaping hashish. Simply, not all designs are created equal when it comes to hash.

In order to help, use these 5 key factors when assessing whether a vape is hash-friendly:

  1. Make sure that your vape of choice holds a wider opening so you can load your hash with ease.
  1. Equip your vape with a liquid pad. Given that hash melts when heated, a liquid pad will retain its residue liquids. Without one, you risk the hash residue damaging the electrical components of your vape, while also clogging up the heating pad.
  1. Check that your vape has concise temperature controls: Vapor isn’t the same as smoke. And having concise temp controls ensures that you create vapor out of your hash. Remember, set your vape temp to at least 185 degrees celsius for vaping hash. Also important to note is that with more precise controls your vape will produce more quality vapor clouds rich with cannabinoids.
  1. Choose a dry herb or hybrid vaporizer over a concentrate specific vapes. Why? Concentrates vapes that are designed to vape wax, shatter and distillate are for consuming highly-refined products. As hash is only semi-refined, a dry herb or hybrid vaporizer suits the purpose.
  1. Think about ease of cleaning after use – can you take the components of your vape apart? If yes, it’s a candidate for being easy to clean. Either way, use cotton schwabs and isopropyl alcohol to help you do the job. This ensures your vape will last longer while retaining its taste.

Final Thoughts On How To Vape Hash

Now that you know how to vape hash the right way, and pick out the best type of vaporizer, you’re going to have a fantastic experience. Check out the Hooti Shop range of sleek and simple vaporizers – they’re portable, convenient and might be just what you’re searching for. Happy vaping!

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