is vaping bad for you

Is Vaping Bad For You? Facts & Benefits

Is vaping bad for you? What are the risks of vaping cannabis? Does vaping have benefits?

Today, using cannabis is becoming more and more popular, with consumption methods such as vaping taking the reins.

Vaping devices, also known as vapes and THC vape pens, are widely used by cannabis consumers to reap the benefits and soothing, healing effects of the cannabis plant.

On the whole, vaping has been marketed as a “healthier” alternative to smoking, but is vaping better for you, and should you consider making the switch?

To find out, keep on reading!

What is Vaping?

what is vaping

Vaping is an inhalation method of consuming various vaping products. 

It involves the controlled heating of a substance so that it produces vapour but does not combust. This lack of combustion is why vaping is considered to have fewer health risks than smoking. 

Cannabis users enjoy vaping as an alternative to joints, bongs, and pipes because it allows them to quit smoking and reduce the intake of harmful carcinogens.

Cannabis vaping devices generally fall into three categories: dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vapes, and oil vapes.

Dry herb vapes use standard cannabis flowers. Rather than rolling flowers into a joint or packing them into a bowl, it is instead put in the herb chamber of the vaping device, where it is gently heated until it produces vapour. 

Concentrate vapes, also known as dab pens, use cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatter, and crumble. Similar to a dry herb vape, the concentrate is placed into a chamber and heated to produce vapour.

Oil vapes use cartridges filled with THC distillate, heated from the battery pen and inhaled from the cartridge mouthpiece. Most people use pre-filled cartridges, which are available in various strains, flavours, and concentrations. 

Some cartridges can be refilled to reduce waste, whereas others are intended to be disposed of once they are used up.

Vaping THC & Its Benefits

Cannabis products are enjoyed for both medical and recreational purposes. 

While some use them to experience the familiar cannabis high, other patients utilize cannabis products to find relief and manage the symptoms of their conditions.

Let’s review below what benefits vaping THC offers compared to other ingestion methods.

Medical Benefits

vaping medical benefits

Some sufferers of PTSD, clinical depression, and anxiety find THC to be an effective tool in managing the symptoms of these conditions. While it may not replace traditional SSRIs or other pharmaceuticals, it can help users cope with anxiety attacks and disconnect from compulsive, depressive thoughts. 

Individuals who struggle with chronic pain, including that which comes from disorders such as MS and fibromyalgia, use THC as a pain-reducing analgesic. 

It also helps with the pain and nausea that come with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Vaping is a particularly effective form of ingestion when using cannabis for medicinal purposes. Vaped THC enters the bloodstream rapidly—effects are usually felt within 15 minutes—so it provides fast relief for acute symptoms. 

Additionally, as vaping doesn’t require grinding and rolling, it is accessible for anyone who struggles with fine motor skills or whose pain may inhibit them from performing those tasks.

With all that said, CBD vape oils are also available if you are looking for THC-free products. They allow medicating without psychoactive effects yet still experience a plethora of health benefits and effects.

Recreational Benefits

The recreational benefits of THC are what cannabis is most widely known for. 

For some people, a joint in the evening helps them relax and detach from their busy lives.

For others, THC is a social tool. Sharing cannabis promotes laughter, conversation, and connection with friends and loved ones. 

Some food enthusiasts even enjoy pairing cannabis products with meals, using the aromatic terpenes to enhance flavours in their dishes. 

Vaping is particularly advantageous when pairing cannabis with meals, as clean vapour allows the flavour of the terpenes to shine through without being drowned out by pungent smoke.

Vaping vs Smoking

vaping vs smoking

There are several advantages of vaping compared to smoking.

Vaping is more discreet than smoking. As you may already know, cannabis smoke is intense and noticeable to neighbours and passers-by. On the other hand, vape pens produce little odour that is generally pleasantly scented. 

What’s more, secondhand vapour does not have the same health risks that secondhand smoke does.

Vaping devices are also easy to use. Simple vape pens are activated by inhalation, so the user simply needs to inhale from the mouthpiece to use the device. 

A push-button may activate other devices; however, these are still easier to use than traditional smoking methods. It is also easy to switch between strains; simply unscrew one cartridge, swap it out for the next, and you’re set.

For medical cannabis users, it is much easier to control dosage using a vape device. It is also easier to medicate with a vape as they are portable and can be safely stashed in a pocket or bag until they are needed.

In regards to health effects, where vaping has an advantage over smoking is that the substance being inhaled contains fewer irritants and carcinogens. The smoke of any kind, whether from tobacco, cannabis, or even a campfire, contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter. 

Inhaling these substances into your lungs can cause lung irritation. To a greater degree, it can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular disease, including emphysema, angina, and lung cancer.

That being said, inhaling any foreign substance into your lungs comes with risks, and vaping too can have some negative health effects.

Since vaping started to gain popularity, a condition known as “popcorn lung” (bronchiolitis obliterans is the medical term) has also been rising. Popcorn lung causes inflammation and dangerous, sometimes irreversible, scarring of the lung tissue. 

This condition has been linked to additives sometimes found in vaping products, namely vitamin-e acetate, acetyl propionyl, and diacetyl used in certain vape juices.

Concerns have been raised regarding the appeal of vaping to teenagers and young adults. Nicotine vapes avoid the harsh taste of burning tobacco, and flavoured cartridges further enhance the appeal to younger people. 

What’s more, starting smoking or vaping at a young age can lead to nicotine dependence and negatively impact brain development.

This leads to the question: Is vaping bad for you?

Is Vaping Bad for You?

As we mentioned above, inhaling anything that isn’t clean air into your lungs can be dangerous. However, when weighing up the risks of vaping compared to smoking, vaping is safer. 

The risks that come from certain additives can be avoided by opting for vape products that do not contain those potentially harmful chemicals.

If you are a frequent cannabis smoker, you don’t have to ditch smoking in favour of vaping entirely. Instead, consider alternating between smoking and vaping to start. 

Using a mix of the two will still give your lungs a part-time break from harsher smoke. You may find that a balance of both methods suits your lifestyle, or you may find you prefer the gentler effects of vaping.

If you are looking for more information on vaping vs smoking, we have created a helpful guide for you.

For anyone with concerns for their lung health, it’s best to avoid any inhalation method of consuming cannabis.

If you look for smoke-free options, THC tinctures and edibles do not involve the lungs at all, so they are ideal alternatives to smoking and vaping. 

Both edibles and tinctures are available in various concentrations and flavours and can be purchased from your local dispensary or from a reputable online retailer. 

It’s important to note that, as vaping devices have only been on the market for around 20 years, the effects of vaping are still being studied. Doctors and scientists at the centers for disease control continue to monitor the health effects of vaping and how it compares to smoking.

Ready to Try Vaping?

Whether using it as an alternative to regular cigarettes, to aid in smoking cessation or as a new way to consume cannabis, vaping has some definite advantages over smoking. 

Consequently, adult smokers of tobacco or cannabis products should consider switching to vaping to reduce their risk of lung disease, lung cancer, and other serious health conditions.

Give vaping a try, and if you don’t like it, other products such as THC tinctures and edibles are available on the market for you to medicate effectively.

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