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Microdosing Weed – Getting Lifted Without the Buzz

Like anything else in life, lack of moderation can lead to side effects, which is why it’s essential to learn about microdosing weed and the benefits it carries.

When it comes to cannabis, getting too high can lead to paranoia and nausea in the moment and a weed hangover the day after. 

However, when enjoyed responsibly, cannabis can be a catalyst for creative endeavours, productivity, and an overall good time. 

So what if we could harness the good things about medical marijuana and direct them towards our productivity and goals? 

As it turns out, we can!

A relatively old technique called microdosing is now becoming more popular than ever. Microdosing involves taking tiny doses of a drug to receive the benefits without inducing any extreme perceptible effects. 

In the past, microdosing has been associated with psychedelic compounds such as LSD and Psilocybin, helping its users achieve a flow state, enhancing their productivity and creativity. 

However, many people also believe that the same principles and benefits can carry over with cannabis. There are claims that microdosing cannabis can help alleviate mood and focus issues, and there are studies to back it.

To find out more about microdosing weed and its effects, keep on reading.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a technique used to study and analyze the effects and behaviours of drugs in humans by administering low doses. 

Microdosing has primarily been associated with the psychedelic community, striking a level of popularity among LSD and psilocybin enthusiasts, enhancing the senses and providing a high level of focus that does not produce whole-body effects that a standard dose would.

These days, microdosing is gaining traction with those who use cannabis, as in certain situations, a low dose of THC may prove to be even more effective than large doses.

The standard approach to microdosing weed involves taking and measuring approximately 1-10 percent of the substance’s standard dose. For example, for a usual 10mg THC dose, small doses that hover around 0.1-1mg would be considered a microdose.

What the Studies Say About Microdosing Weed

microdosing weed studies

In a study analyzing the stress alleviating effects of THC published by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Chicago, it was found that more potent stress alleviating effects were experienced in smaller doses rather than larger doses. 

Most notably, participants who had taken low doses of 7.5 milligrams of THC had reported greater feelings of stress relief and an overall better mood than the participants who had taken higher doses of 12.5 milligrams THC. 

Those who had been administered the higher doses of 12.5 milligrams of THC had reported feeling negative effects on their mood.

What’s more is that in another study published in 2012, it was found that patients who had been diagnosed with advanced cancer and were unresponsive to traditional pharmaceuticals were given THC and CBD compounds to treat their pain. 

The most exciting aspect of the study revealed that the patients who had taken low doses had experienced the most pain reduction of all the participants, even when compared to those who administered higher doses of THC.

Effects of Microdosing Weed

Not everyone knows about microdosing cannabis. 

Medical professionals believe that the actual medical benefit threshold from cannabis is much lower than what is regularly consumed today. 

Microdosing has its pros, cons, and side effects, so here is a list of some of the effects you can expect to feel while microdosing weed.

Stress Relief

effects of microdosing weed

As mentioned previously, patients who administered low doses of THC were more likely to experience greater stress relief than those who took larger doses. 

Microdosing with cannabinoids such THC or CBD may help to reduce stress without acutely diminishing cognitive abilities. The low doses are meant to be sub perceptible, meaning that they are not felt in the same way as a standard dose.

Enhanced Focus

Contrary to popular belief, certain strains of cannabis can help people focus and stay productive. For instance, Sativa strains that contain THCV are well known for their focusing effects. 

When taken in small amounts, the benefits of enhanced focus will be even more apparent as the more intense body and mind-altering effects of cannabis are off the table.

Can Effect Tolerance

Depending on where you stand in terms of cannabis tolerance levels, microdosing can positively or negatively affect you. 

If you’re new to cannabis, microdosing every day will eventually build a small tolerance to the drug; however, microdosing might also be a helpful strategy in resetting a high tolerance if your tolerance is already high.

How to Microdose Weed

There are several ways you could go about microdosing THC, CBD, or weed itself. 

While it isn’t always easy to measure small amounts of THC or CBD, specific methods prove to be more reliable than others. 

Here are some of the best options you have when it comes to microdosing:

THC or CBD Tinctures

CBD and THC tinctures are naturally a great way to control doses. When taken via sublingual administration (under the tongue), the effects are much faster than dosing with an ingested edible or oil. 

Many tinctures also come with a liquid dropper, making it ideal for those who rely on a low dose or controlled amounts of cannabis.

THC or CBD Capsules

THC capsules are not only an effective method of administration, but they are also measured with great precision. 

THC pills may come in anywhere between 2.5-10mg of THC at most dispensaries. 

Alternatively, if you have the equipment, you could also take it into your own hands and make your own capsules. This will give you much greater control over gauging each pill’s dosage, being able to increase or decrease it based on your personal preference.

Vaporizing Cannabis

Medical marijuana can be used for microdosing via vaporization. Many electronic dry herb vaporizers allow people to use small amounts of cannabis in each batch, giving people the option to consume a low THC dose. 

This works well with microdosing. However, gauging an exact dose may be a bit more complicated than capsules or tinctures. For this method, it’s best to start with a single puff and move forward from there.

Microdosing Weed – More Than Meets The Eye

Microdosing is an old practice with roots in the psychedelic community. 

While it isn’t the most popular way of consuming cannabis, microdosing THC or CBD can help stress management and focus. 

As it turns out, in regards to stress and focus, our endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors respond more favourably to smaller amounts of THC and CBD. 

When done correctly, microdosing cannabis can provide stress relief, anxiety relief, and enhanced focus to bolster productivity and improve workflow.

Amazing, right? 

Try microdosing weed and experience the benefits for yourself!

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