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Does Mixing Mango and Weed Enhance the Cannabis Experience?

Combining mango and weed may seem like an absurd and unnecessary mixture, but anecdotal and a growing catalogue of scientific evidence postulate that there could be something special to this unlikely duo that may enhance the effects of cannabis.

The cannabis community is nothing if not creative. As such, users are consistently and continuously developing new, arguably unorthodox yet effective methods to help intensify and expand on their medical marijuana experience.

One such example of these unconventional ideas is the supposed winning combination of eating mangoes to magnify the effects of various chemical components found in cannabis.

Still, is this method actually effective, how do the various compounds work together, and how do users use this combination?

In this article, we anticipate explaining the answers to these various questions. Thus, without further ado, join us as we explore the symbiotic relationship of eating mango and how it may impact a marijuana high.

How Weed and Mango Work Together

At face value, it doesn’t seem as though an ordinary fresh mango one would find at the grocery store would have all that much in common with the various cannabis strains currently available on the market through mail-order marijuana services or dispensaries.

However, contrary to initial impressions, these two entities share some similarities that are well-worth mentioning to understand their supplementary relationship. 

One of the most prominent examples of their supposed parallels is that both mangoes and cannabis have a very distinct aroma.

In marijuana, the distinct fragrance depends on the unique terpene profile of a given cannabis strain. 

However, with mangoes, one terpene, in particular, is dominant in providing this tropical fruit with its fresh, sweet and refreshing smell – myrcene.

On top of providing several plants and fruits with their distinct fragrance, including hops, lemongrass, basil and, of course, mangoes, some scientific theories posit that myrcene also contains proposed medicinal benefits as well. For instance, some research indicates that myrcene may possess strong antibacterial, analgesic, sedative and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition to its dominance in the above examples, myrcene is also one of the 5 primary terpenoids present in cannabis that draws out and enhances the effects of THC.

mango and weed interaction

That said, how does this interaction work, exactly, and how can eating a mango before weed ingestion alter or enhance the marijuana experience?

Essentially, myrcene works to increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. If you aren’t already familiar, the blood-brain barrier acts as a safeguard around the brain, limiting the number of foreign substances that can cross it.

Since myrcene effectively lowers this barrier, it permits various substances, such as THC, to cross, which, in turn, emphasizes its effects. 

Put plainly, since higher concentrations of THC can cross over into the brain, the effects of smoking or ingesting marijuana will intensify.

Myrcene also works in tandem with the other terpenes present in various cannabis strains to produce what’s known as the ‘Entourage Effect.’

The entourage effect occurs when cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis work in a supplementary fashion to modulate the overall effects. Therefore, when combining mango and cannabis, users experience the properties of myrcene and THC and the unique chemical compound profile of the specific marijuana strain.

How to Use Mangoes and Weed to Enhance Effects

Many users seem to appreciate ingesting a mango or multiple mangoes before, during or after consuming weed because it’s believed to provide more intense effects. 

Even for more frequent consumers who haven’t taken a tolerance break recently, it is still likely to be effective.

The only premeditated measure users should consider would be to ensure that the myrcene from the mangoes and the cannabinoids from the cannabis is present in the body simultaneously.

In this way, they can complement each other and work to lower the blood-brain barrier while also interacting with the various other terpenes and chemical compounds present in the particular cannabis strain, thereby intensifying THC and the other various properties.

However, some users may argue that the specific timing of ingestion regarding consuming mangoes isn’t crucial. That said, there are a few things to consider when putting this method into practice, the most important being a users’ individual metabolism.

According to anecdotal reports, if consumers have a lower metabolism, they need only eat one mango roughly two hours before ingesting weed or one hour before ingesting a cannabis edible. However, should users have a faster metabolism, it may be more advantageous to consume two to three mango pieces to supply the desired outcome.

The various logistics remain up for debate. That said, the core principle seems to remain consistent, so long as the myrcene from mangoes, cannabinoids and other terpenes and compounds present in cannabis are in the user’s system, this combination should work to enhance their high and make the effects feel more intense longer.

Myrcene, Marijuana & Mangoes – A Tactful Triad

Research indicates that, on top of their ability to enhance a cannabis high, mangoes also possess a wide range of other health benefits, including being a reliable source of Vitamin A and providing 12% of our daily fibre.

In this way, combining weed and mangoes may also serve a separate advantageous purpose in maintaining other side effects of cannabis consumption, such as appetite stimulation or what’s colloquially known as ‘the munchies.’

While the catalogue of evidence on this particular topic continues to grow, many users anecdotally swear by this creative combination as an effective yet inexpensive means for users to experience the effects of weed in a more enhanced and intense matter while also extending their duration significantly.

Even if the claims remain unsubstantiated, it remains an interesting and cost-effective experiment that consumers can try for themselves.

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