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Moon Rocks – A Cannabis Delicacy

Moon rocks aren’t a particular type of cannabis strain, but rather a concoction of the all best that cannabis has to offer all melded into one. 

The Moon Rock was designed specifically with the cannabis connoisseur in mind, opening doors to new levels of the cannabis high. They’re an innovative way to enjoy your weed if you’ve got some fresh bud, some hash oil, and some kief laying around and when done right, Moon Rocks can elevate a regular smoking experience from good to great.

Interested in finding out how to make your own cannabis moon rocks? Let us show you how.

What are Moon Rocks?

moon rocks

Moon Rocks are concoction made from a mixture of bud, hash oil and kief stemming from a collaboration between the hip-hop artists Dr. Zodiak and Kurupt. Essentially, they are nugs of cannabis, dipped into a cannabis extract, and then generously coated in a layer of kief.

As you would expect, they’re not for the faint of heart. Unless you’re consuming cannabis concentrate or THC diamonds on the regular, you can expect Moon Rocks hit like a truck, sending you straight to the moon. That said, they definitely shouldn’t be treated like your typical bud, their composition and texture also lends themselves to be consumed a bit differently as well.

With all the things that Moon Rocks are made of, it should come at no surprise that the THC content is through the roof. To put it into perspective, your typical nug of high-quality weed is around 20 percent THC content, cannabis concentrates on the other hand hover around 40 to 80 percent, and kief? Kief is around the same range as many of the stronger concentrates. That said, the combination of all these ingredients results in a product that can get you so high that you can’t feel your face. 

Flavor Profile

While sure, the psychoactive effects of Moon Rocks are great and can knock your socks off, there are also several other things that make them stand out amongst a sea of other options. Since they’re so dense, Moon Rocks are loaded with such an enormous amount of terpenes and cannabinoids that they tend to have very rich flavor profiles, meaning you’ll be able to taste the subtleties in the weed they were made of. Flavor profile might be something that’s overlooked by your casual cannabis user, but the veterans of the game who enjoy the aroma and flavor of their bud will definitely appreciate these additional improvements.

The Best Way to Smoke Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks are a bit strange to smoke, in the sense that they’re like tiny hard pebbles of weed. They’re not soft and easy to manipulate like regular weed and they sure as hell don’t burn as smooth either. Luckily, there are a few ways to combat this sticky situation.

Using Glassware and a Hemp Wick

When attempting to smoke some Moonrock, you’ll want to try your best to avoid smoking them alone, as it’ll be pretty tough to get a smooth burn. One of the best ways to get your Moon Rock to burn smooth is to create a nest of dry ground weed in your bowl and set the Moon Rock inside the nest so they’ll be surrounded by something easily flammable.

When using glassware or a bowl, you’ll want to use a hemp wick in lieu of a lighter. The Moon Rocks will usually need to be exposed to flame for but longer so a hemp wick will make it easier to get the flame into any awkward angles of the bowl without burning yourself.

Rolling Them in Joints

Adding some Moonrock in your joints is an easy way to elevate your smoking experience with minimal effort. When rolling your joint, you’ll want to use some ground dried flower as a foundation to house the Moon Rocks for the same reason you’ll want some dry flower in your bowl.

How to Create Your Own Moon Rocks

honey oil guide

Smoking Moon Rocks is great, but making them is actually quite fun as well. Granted you’ll need a steady hand and some patience, it can be one of the best ways to mix and match your favorite strains with your favorite concentrates.

Since you’ll be making these at home, you’ll have the added benefit of altering the strength of your Moon Rocks to match your tolerance. For the best results, you’ll want to use quality ingredients such as premium quality bud, live resin or flower rosin, and bubble hash to achieve superior results.

What You Will Need:

  • Some fresh high-quality nugs
  • Some hash oil or distillate
  • Some kief
  • A tool for grabbing (small tongs or chopsticks, silicon gloves also work)
  • A liquid dropper or brushing tool

Step 1

Prepare your ingredients in separate containers. If you want your Moon Rocks to be smaller, break them apart with your fingers and if your concentrate is too thick or won’t properly stick to your nugs, try heating it up briefly to liquefy it.

Step 2

Begin using your liquid dropper or brushing tool to lather your nugs of weed with your hash oil. If you don’t have a liquid dropper or any brushing tools, you could also manually dip each nug into the concentrate and gently roll it around (This is where you’ll want to use some silicon gloves if you have any). If you do end up dipping your nugs into the concentrate, make sure you get them in and out as soon as possible as oversaturating your nugs will make them extremely dense and incredibly difficult to smoke.

Step 3

Once you’ve got your nugs fully coated, use your grabbing tool or gloves to roll them in your kief. You’ll want the kief to fully coat the nug so that they no longer resemble regular cannabis. This is where they get their name from.

Step 4

Finally, set your Moon Rocks aside to dry and store them in a sealed container in a dark and cool place away from any light source.

Final Thoughts

Moon Rocks provide an innovative way to test your cannabis crafting skills and elevate your standard smoking experience. The best part is, you don’t have to forfeit any of the classic indulgences related to smoking weed. Roll it in a joint, smoke it in a pipe, no matter how you prefer to consume your weed, Moon Rocks gives us all a great way to get high.

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