Sour Diesel Strain: The Pungent Run-Down

There are hundreds of marijuana strains out there, each with their unique characteristics. Weed legalization has progressed rapidly in the last few years, with some states now calling it an essential service. The cannabis industry is creating more and more innovation, including increased access to more strains. This article will discuss one of the classic and popular strains called Sour Diesel.

With all of this choice out there and considering your personal needs, doing some research can help you pick the right strain for you and your health. By the end of this article, you’ll know what to expect from the Sour Diesel strain, and you’ll figure out whether it is right for you.

The History of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, also known as ‘Sour D’, is one of the most well-known strains worldwide. It is a strong sativa-dominant strain. Sour Diesel belongs to a family of strains with ‘diesel’ in their name. This comes from the intense smell of the terpenes in this strain, similar to that of diesel fuel.   

The immediate and lasting effects of Sour Diesel have made it a popular strain to buy. For use as a medicine, it can provide extended periods of relief from symptoms. Recreational use of this strain goes far beyond that purpose. Consumers often report energizing effects and creativity. 

Sour Diesel has a long history of popularity in the cannabis community. The creation of this strain has become a legendary tale told time and time again. The only bit of biology about the cannabis plant you need to know is that there are male and female plants. These are often bred together to create new strains, not unlike other plant and animal breeding over time. 

As the story goes, it was at a Grateful Dead concert in 1991 that it all started. This is when the first seed was purchased, and it rapidly spread throughout the East Coast. The strain has been developed over time and bred with other strains to create new combinations. The strains Super Skunk and Chemdawg were bred to create what we now know as Sour Diesel. The highly regarded strain OG Kush is another result of these breeding activities.  

What are the Effects?

As we already learned, Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant strain that was created by combining Super Skunk and Chemdawg. The result is a strain that is robustly refreshing and strongly stimulating. 

The Sour Diesel high is powerful and long-lasting. The amount of THC in this strain often ranges from 19-25%. It is this THC that is primarily, but not solely responsible for feeling high. This high THC content also explains the invigorating effects of Sour Diesel, often without feelings of sleepiness or fatigue. Carefully consider how much of this strain to smoke at a time, the significant percentage of THC may mean a smaller joint or bowl will do the job.

Beyond THC, terpenes also play a large role in the characteristics of a strain, including aroma and flavor. Sour Diesel contains modest amounts of pinene, myrcene, and limonene. With the unique combination and significant terpenes and THC content, the resulting smoking experience can be harsh at times. The flavor is usually described as sour, skunky, and similar to diesel (this explains the strain name quite obviously!). Not everyone likes these scents, especially diesel, which is why it’s important to read this article and purchase based on personal preferences. 

This strain is not exactly subtle. If you are going to smoke or vape it, keep in mind that it produces an intense pungent smell. How and where you smoke it are important considerations. This aroma can also linger for longer than you may like. 

Getting High on Sour Diesel 

Due to the levels of THC present in Sour Diesel, it will get you high. And it can get you really high, depending on your tolerance levels. Along with other sativas, this strain can produce a strong head high. Many use this experience for self-reflection, enjoyment, or for stimulating creativity and curiosity. 

Medical patients using Sour Diesel find it can help them stay more functional during the day. While it does not have the heavy sedative effects found more in Indicas, it does still have relaxing effects on your muscles. These effects are great for those who have activities to finish during the day and don’t want to burn out or get fatigued.  

Depending on your tolerance, even a small amount of Sour Diesel can stimulate creative activities. Channel your high into artistic or musical activities or to enhance your cooking experience. 

The Medical Potential

Access to Medical marijuana is increasing in the States and throughout the world. The high THC Sour Diesel strain can be beneficial for some but not all conditions. Consult a healthcare professional if you have access to medical cannabis and want to see if it is right for you. Below you’ll find a list of potential medical uses of Sour Diesel:

  • Stress-reduction: A common effect of most cannabis strains, Sour Diesel can certainly help lower those daily stress levels.  
  • Energy levels. Sour Diesel has lots of THC to reduce fatigue with long-lasting impacts. 
  • Focus. Depending on tolerance, intention, Sour Diesel can help you focus on chores, tasks, or projects.
  • Anxiety. Some people with anxiety may be better off with a CBD-rich or CBD-only strain. Others may reduce levels of anxiety with this high-THC strain if the dose isn’t too high. It may help you relax at home but not out in the public. Always consider the setting and your dose. 
  • Depression. While cannabis can counter the effects of depression through euphoria, it is not a stand-alone cure. Use cannabis alongside a good diet, regular exercise and sleep.
  • Mental Health. When it comes to overall mental health, including anxiety and depression cannabis can be helpful or harmful. Consider your situation and dose if you have mental health concerns, and seek professional support before it’s needed. 
  • Arthritis. Inflammatory conditions like arthritis have a long history with medical cannabis. Relief of symptoms is a more reasonable expectation than being a cure.

Is Sour Diesel Right for You? 

This strain review of Sour Diesel has provided the information you need to know if this is the right strain for you. As with all cannabis use, what you want to achieve is the critical question to ask. We are going to discuss this specifically in terms of medical and recreational uses.

  • Do you get high recreationally? If you are like most recreational consumers, you want to get high. You also want to get the right type and level of ‘highness’. Sour Diesel is better for head highs then couch-lock inducing sedative boy effects. If you want enhanced energy, creativity, and mood, Sour Diesel is a strain you’ll want.
  • Do you get high medicinally? If the goal for your medical cannabis use involves avoiding getting high, Sour Diesel is not right for you. If getting high is part of your symptomatic relief and you want a head high, this is a perfect strain. Many mental health conditions like anxiety often respond better to higher amounts of CBD and less THC.

Concluding Thoughts on Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel has been an incredibly popular strain for decades throughout the world. For both medical and recreational use, this strain can help you get the job done. Ask about Sour Diesel next time you see your budtender or medical professional. 

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