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Stoner Resolutions – Kick Off the New Year Right

With the new year upon us, it’s a natural practice to form new year’s resolutions in order to improve ourselves and our lifestyles in every realm, including stoner resolutions for cannabis. 

With Covid-19 still underway, many of us are still spending plenty of time at home, reducing social interactions to a minimum. For the cannabis users among us, this may seem like heaven. Weed is commonly enjoyed at home and is one of the few joys we still get to keep while in lockdown. 

That said, there has never been a better time to take a look at your previous smoking habits and form a fresh perspective so that you can adjust and adapt for the new year.

To celebrate the passing of 2020, we’ve devised a list of some potential stoner resolutions to help you step up your cannabis game for 2021. If you’re interested in learning more, keep on reading!

10 Stoner Resolutions for the New Year

Make a Weed Kit

stoner resolutions a weed kit

Being short of supplies is a huge pain when setting out for a session. To avoid mishaps in your future smoke sessions, it might be a good idea to invest in a weed kit. A weed kit can be as large or as small as you’d like it to be. 

Some of the primary essentials of an effective weed kit include hemp wicks or a lighter, rolling supplies such as papers and filters, and some spare weed. 

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can also include things like rolling machines and two-way humidity packs for an added edge.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to marijuana, there is nothing worse than smoking unsatisfactory weed. Bad marijuana can irritate the throat, supply a subpar high, and have a terrible taste. 

If you respect yourself, and you should, make a stoner resolution to quit smoking the second-rate stuff and instead opt for more high-quality strains. 

Do yourself a favour and take quality over quantity.

Give Microdosing a Try

One of the most common ways to smoke weed is with the primary objective being to smoke to get insanely high. Sometimes to the point where you can no longer open your eyes fully. 

However, there’s a new and more productive way to enjoy weed that has been gaining traction among members of the cannabis community. 

Microdosing is essentially the consumption of “micro” doses of weed to reap the positive benefits without the intense psychoactive effects, which tend to impair cognitive function. Taking small doses of cannabis may provide you with the benefit of enhanced creativity, reduced anxiety, and lowered stress levels without taking away from the productivity needed for everyday life.

An accurate and reliable way to ensure that your low dosages are consistent every time is to use a measurable tincture. Hooti Extracts tinctures provide a portable, convenient and precise ingestion method that is perfect for microdosing. Simply measure out your desired amount, administer under your tongue, and wait to experience the healing benefits. 

Whether you are looking to unwind with CBD, THC, or a 1:1 hybrid to experience the best of both worlds, there is a Hooti tincture to fit your needs. 

Practice Regular Tolerance Breaks

Smoking weed on a regular basis can build up extreme tolerance levels, forcing you to smoke extreme amounts to feel the desired effects. 

By practicing regular 3-week tolerance breaks, you’ll be able to reset your tolerance back to baseline and enjoy more for less. 

Although undergoing a tolerance break may be difficult to do at first, being prepared and knowing what to expect can help you push through one with ease. If going cold turkey for a few weeks isn’t for you, you can try to reduce your consumption in order to lower your tolerance.

Be Productive with Your High

stoner resolutions reading

Another stoner resolution could be more productive with your high.

Getting high doesn’t always have to lead to passing out on your couch. In fact, you can use your high to enhance mundane or regular activities you’d normally get bored with.

For example, getting organized, reading a book or performing chores could be elevated and made more interesting by partaking in some of your favourite cannabis. 

Or better yet, you could spice up your entertainment or get intimate with that special someone. Whatever you decide to do, we guarantee it will be better when you’re stoned.

Make the Munchies a Good Thing

Instead of reaching for that bag of chips or those candies, try out something healthier when the munchies beckon. 

Having a case of the munchies can be used to devour healthy foods instead of unhealthy ones. That way you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. 

So, instead of reaching for your favourite salty snack or sweet treat, try something else instead, such as a piece of fruit or a veggie tray. You never know, it may even make these items taste better, and you can avoid the bloated feeling that comes with the buzz wearing off. 

Pay Attention to Your Dosage

One of the most uncomfortable experiences with marijuana is green out

Greening out brings about feelings of fear, anxiety, paranoia, and nausea intertwines them to create a terribly unforgettable experience that has been known to drive many people away from weed altogether.

Paying close attention to the dosage and the amount of cannabis consumed will help you establish a tolerance baseline and stay within a safe level for your individual needs. 

Not only that, closely monitoring dosage and intake is one of the most straightforward and effective methods of preventing green out from happening in the first place, allowing for a pleasant and enjoyable cannabis experience, which is what it should be.

Try Out Edibles and Vapes

It’s been proven by now that inhaling superheated smoke and carcinogens is bad for the lungs and can cause cancer. Whether it be cigarettes or joints, burnt plant matter is inhaled either way. 

Luckily, there are a plethora of options for one to enjoy cannabis. If you’re someone who’s looking to make some healthy stoners resolutions, you can change your smoking habits by shifting towards cannabis edibles or vapes. These two methods pose an excellent alternative to smoking and are much healthier in the long run.

Hooti vape pen kits utilize state of the art premium distillate and reintroduced strain-specific terpenes to provide you with a discreet, portable method to enjoy your favourite cannabis. They also supply a safer smoking alternative that provides a smoother, more comfortable experience that you can use any time, anywhere. 

If you are looking for a more versatile product, Hooti isolate is also a fantastic alternative to smoking. Hooti CBD isolate is CBD in its purest possible form, containing only the cannabidiol chemical compound to produce the strongest, most powerful punch of CBD you can get your hands on. 

Whether you choose to ingest it orally, add to your coffee tea or a smoothie, or what have you, Hooti CBD isolate poses the perfect opportunity to venture into the world of isolates. 

Venture Out to Uncharted Territory

Have you ever wondered what that new strain or cannabis concentrate felt like? The world of weed is a big one, and there really is no reason to hold back on trying new things. 

The worst that can happen is that the strain or concentrate wasn’t to your liking, while the upside is enormous. You could discover a whole new world of products and possibilities that you had never considered before that could become a new favourite. 

That said, venture out and try some new strains and products out. You’ll never know how much you like them until you try them out for yourself.

Educate and Inform Others

Recreational and medicinal cannabis has been legal in Canada for approximately two years now. Eventually, legalization throughout the rest of North America will take place. However, that doesn’t mean that the stigma associated with cannabis will disappear overnight. 

As scientists and researchers uncover the true nature and potential applications for cannabis, it’s important to do your own research and spread reliable and accurate information to eradicate any false beliefs about the plant. More importantly, an accurate depiction of both the pros and cons is necessary to view cannabis through a clear and objective lens. 

By helping to educate and inform others, you’ll create a community of understanding where people can reliably identify whether cannabis will be the right medication for them.

Stoner Resolutions – The Possibilities are Endless 

With 2020 behind us, it’s time for a fresh start and it begins with changing old unhelpful, unproductive habits with new resolutions that will benefit us in the future. 

Whether you’re a casual smoker or an avid cannabis enthusiast, we hope this list of stoner resolutions was able to give you an edge in your future smoke sessions. 

One of the best things about the new year is the endless possibilities that lay out before us, and we are excited to see what 2021 has in store.

Happy New Year!

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