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Twax Joints: When Concentrates Meets Joints

Ever heard of a twax joint? 

With cannabis becoming legal in many parts of the world, there seems to be a rise in new and novel ways of using cannabis products. You may have seen some of these posts on social media — and are now wondering about “what is a twax joint?”

For regular users, a regular joint or blunt may not be enough — that’s where twax joints enter the picture.

These joints are incredibly potent and well-suited to frequent cannabis users with high tolerances. By mixing your favorite cannabis strains with high potency concentrates, you can achieve a much higher dose of THC and other cannabinoids than flower on its own.

Let’s explore the world of twax joints and the steps you need to take to roll your own — so you can get back to that feeling of your first-time high.

What is a Twax Joint?

twax joint guide

A twax joint is made by combining high-potency concentrates with flower in order to increase the psychoactive and therapeutic effects of cannabis. Twax joints can be made in several ways, and it depends on what products you may have on hand at the time of rolling.

By taking a regular joint and adding cannabis concentrates to the inside, outside, or tip of the cone, you can dramatically increase the overall effects.

These concentrates can included, but are not limited to 

  • Shatter
  • Honey oil
  • Tinctures
  • Isolate
  • THC Diamonds
  • Distillate
  • Kief
  • Hash

Today, many experienced users are turning to dab rigs or vaporizers to achieve higher doses of THC. Dab rigs and vaporizers can be expensive — many of these products cost hundreds of dollars. Some can even enter into the thousands.

The twax joint is an inexpensive alternative to dabs or vaporizers that can be rolled with items in many experienced users’ toolbelt.

You can think of “twaxxing” as supercharging your joints or bowls using a high-potency cannabis concentrate. They’re ideal for experienced users with high tolerances searching for an easy way to increase their dose.

How Do I Roll a Twax Joint?

how to roll twax joint

Do you regularly roll joints? If so, you probably have everything you need to roll a hard-hitting twax joint.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Rolling paper. We recommend choosing a higher quality paper for twax joints because you’ll be combining two or more types of cannabis — the more support they provide, the better.
  • Filters. Filters add further support to your joint and make it easier to roll into a proper cone. They also remove some of the less than desirable qualities of smoke that would otherwise end up in your lungs.
  • Your favorite strain of cannabis. Twax joints are a treat — stick to a strain of cannabis you love for the best experience.
  • One or more cannabis concentrates. You can use shatter, hash, oil, kief, distillate or any combination of the above. Combining multiple concentrates with your flower will further increase the potency of your joint.

You’ve got the materials on hand — now what? Let’s get into the different methods for “twaxxing” your joint.

How to Twax the End of Your Joint

Twaxxing the end of your joint is by far the easiest and most straightforward approach. To start, roll your joint up as you normally would, with the flower of your choosing.

For liquid concentrates, you can simply dip the end of the joint in and start smoking. The oil at the end will burn and add a significant boost to the experience with almost no effort. Kief will require an additional step to ensure none of the concentrate is lost between rolling and smoking.

How Do You Get Kief on the Outside of a Joint?

If you’re using kief, you’ll want to add a sticky substance to help the kief stick to the outside.

You could double down on your concentrates by using cannabis oil— or small amount of honey/liquid sweetener if oil is too much. Distillate is another option, but would deliver an extremely potent experience that’s definitely not for novice tokers. 

Once you’ve added the sticky substance, simply dip it into the kief, roll it around and you’re good to go.

Fun fact: thai sticks from Thailand are the very first iteration of twax joints and are still being smoked today.

How to Twax the Inside of Your Joint

To twax the inside of your joint, grind up your flower and add it to the inside of the paper as you normally would. Depending on which cannabis concentrate you choose, the next steps may vary. For solid or powdery concentrates like kief or hash, it may be better to mix it with the flower before adding to the joint to ensure a more even burn.

For more liquid-like concentrates, such as oil or distillate, you can simply drizzle it down the center of your joint, add a bit more flower to cover, and roll it up.

If you’re using shatter as your cannabis concentrate, you’ll need to shape it before adding it in.

How to smoke shatter in a joint

rolling twax joint

For a semi-solid concentrate like shatter, you’ll need to make it malleable with gentle heat and roll it into a cylinder or strip — otherwise sharp edges may rip the paper before you can smoke it. Once you’ve rolled the shatter into a cylinder or strip, place it down the middle of your joint, add more ground flower and roll. Your new shatter joint is now ready to smoke.

How to Twax the Outside of Your Joint

If you’ve seen twax joints on social media, you may be impressed with the creativity and artistry that goes into some of these creations. People have made spiderwebs, spiral shapes, sculptures, and much more. Although this is where you can be quite creative (with practice), twaxxing the outside of your joint is also one of the more difficult methods out of the ones listed here.

First, you’ll want to roll up your joint up as you normally would and seal it.

You’ll want to use shatter or wax to twax the outside of your joint because they can be easily manipulated by applying gentle heat. Once you’ve heated the concentrate, you can either lay strips down the sides or wrap the joint in a spiral.

While these joints look the coolest, it will take some time before you can get them perfect.

Once your concentrate is wrapped around the joint, you can also stick kief to it for an added punch.

How Do You Twax a Bowl?

If you’ve done any research regarding twaxxing, you may have also heard the term “twax a bowl.”

There’s not a lot that goes into twaxxing a bowl — it can be as simple as just sprinkling a bit of keef on top of a pre-packed bowl of flower. If you’re looking for something a little more interesting, you can mix your flower with hash, oil, crystals, or any other concentrate.

Twax Joints Are An Experienced User’s Best Friend

When you hear the terms twax or twaxxing, you can be sure the next hit is going to be a potent one. Twaxxing isn’t complicated — it’s simply a term used to describe mixing high-quality cannabis flower with a high potency cannabis concentrate such as oil, wax, shatter, or kief.

Combining these products allows the user to get creative and experiment with what works best for them. If you’re brand new to cannabis you may want to build up your tolerance before diving headfirst into a twax joint. 

For those experienced users out there, twax joints just became your new best friend.

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