Vaping THC

Vaping THC Oil – Demystifying the Risks and Dangers

Have you ever tried vaping THC oil? Are you considering giving it a try? If such is the case, you probably have questions, and we have answers!

By the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to know about vaping THC oil and the benefits it can bring. 

We’ll start by briefly reviewing THC, then you’ll discover the truth behind the mystery vaping illness, and lastly, we discuss how it’s all done.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most significant compound found in cannabis. THC is a phytocannabinoid (Phyto – made by plants) but is generally just called a cannabinoid. We mention this to contrast with endocannabinoids (endo – made inside), which are natural messengers our bodies make.

The names are similar because the compounds are remarkably similar. This also explains why THC gets us high. It mimics a natural messenger inside our bodies to produce its effects. What does being high include? While it varies from person to person, here are the general effects of THC:

  • Euphoria
  • Sense of well-being and satisfaction
  • Appetite-promotion
  • Fatigue, sleepiness
  • Enhanced or altered sensations and perceptions

Since THC is able to alter perceptions, it is also advised to start low and go slow to allow your tolerance to develop. Avoid over-consumption and the potential side-effects that result from it by moderating your usage.

Now, let’s educate ourselves in vaping!

Vaping THC Products or E-cigarettes

vaping thc

When it comes to vaporizers, there are several categories and types. It can get a bit confusing, so let’s discuss it below.

First, you have the difference between vaporizers that use THC oil or cannabis extracts and those that use dried flower. 

The best dry herb vaporizers have chambers that you fill with bud and then vape. These devices come in portable and tabletop varieties. Some of these dry herb vapes also permit using cannabis extracts, but many don’t utilize this function.

Second, we get to the type more relevant to our discussion today. You may know them as e-cigarettes, vapes, or THC vape pens

These terms are all used for vaporizers that use a battery and cart design. The portion you hold is called the battery, and it consists of exactly what the name describes. 

These batteries are generally rechargeable and connect to replaceable cartridges. On the other hand, the disposable pre-filled vape pen is meant to be used out and then tossed away.

What’s Inside THC Cartridges? 

Now, what goes inside these cartridges? The answer is THC distillate. THC distillate is a pure and concentrated cannabis concentrate that approaches 99% potency. 

Vaping cannabis with these pre-filled cartridges is as easy as attaching a battery and inhaling. 

While there are proprietary battery designs that require specific cartridges, many use the standard 510-thread cartridge option. As long as you stick to 510-threaded batteries and cartridges, they’ll be compatible with each other.

Many vape pens use a standard USB charger that is easily exchangeable, making changing a quick and easy process. That being said, there are variations in the charger design, so evaluate this factor before deciding which vape pen is right for you.

But before we discuss benefits and how to vape, we must dispel some of the mystery around a series of cases of lung injury recently reported.

Demystifying the Risks and Dangers of Vaping THC oil

The mystery vaping illness caused a big stir in early 2020. Several young adults were reported to the hospital with an unexplained lung condition. 

The mystery vaping illness was soon labelled ‘EVALI‘ (EVALI stands for ‘e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury.’), but facts were slow to emerge. Is vaping THC dangerous? Do all vaping products carry this risk?

Eventually, it became clear that a certain compound used in some vape products was the true culprit of EVALI. 

The evidence also suggests that vaping THC itself is not a problem. Scientists studied the problem and eventually found that vitamin E acetate causes lung conditions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Vitamin E acetate is strongly linked to the EVALI outbreak.” 

By working with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CDC researchers found vitamin E acetate in the product samples tested. 

While more evidence is certainly needed, producers of vape products quickly removed this ingredient from all products.

It should be noted that the CDC has specifically warned people against buying vaping devices that contain vitamin E acetate and other additives. If you’re vaping THC, ensure that you’re vaping distillate and not a different unknown substance. 

Benefits of Vaping THC over Smoking

vaping thc benefits

Why would you want to vape a vape pen instead of smoking a joint or use other cannabis products? 

We all know that smoking any substance produces harmful toxins that put our lungs at greater risk of health problems. Coughing, phlegm production, and bronchitis are real consequences of smoked marijuana use.

Using an e-cigarette or vaporizer for vaping marijuana provides several critical benefits over other THC-containing options. 

Here are the most significant benefits of vaping THC over smoking.


As we just noted, vaping may be better for your health than smoking. This certainly appears to be the case as far as lung agitation goes. 

You may want to consider making the switch – for the good of your health.


If you haven’t yet tried a vape pen, you may not yet understand this key benefit. 

Vaping is so quick and easy! There is no comparable delivery method as far as convenience goes. You can instantly take a vape out of your pocket and inhale. 

What’s more, with pre-filled carts, you never have to roll joints again.

Less Smell

Smoking weed produces a strong, dunk scent that can linger on our clothes. 

With vaping, there is essentially no lingering aroma. You can walk outside, take a few puffs, and head inside without anyone noticing a thing. 

This fact can range from being nice or being essential, depending on your circumstances.

Cleaner Hit

Finally, vaping feels cleaner. If you have ever smoked a bong or pipe, you have seen how cannabis residue builds on the glass. 

You might also have noticed how dirty water gets when using a water-bong. Inhaling less of this residue seems like it could only be good for our bodies.

How to Vape THC oil?

Before you get worried, this is the easiest part. As we have said, there is no other way to enjoy cannabis as easily. 

You don’t have to worry about rolling joints, lighters, or getting ash anywhere compared to smoking.

Vaping THC oil is as straightforward as it gets. There are only a few simple steps.

  • Make sure your Hooti battery is charged
  • Screw on a cartridge onto your battery
  • Inhale

And that’s it! Our Hooti vape pens are ready to go right out of the package. 

Enjoy our state-of-the-art premium THC and CBD distillate and reintroduced strain-specific terpenes.

Final Thoughts on Vaping THC

You have now learned everything you need to know about getting into vaping! With this knowledge, you can now safely give vaping a try anytime you’d like. 

As we have learned, vaping THC is easy and straightforward. What’s more, it is healthier than smoking, smells less and provides a cleaner hit that feels better on your body.

So be sure to give vaping a try, and if you are looking for a product that accompanies your lifestyle, our Hooti vape pens would be a great fit.

Happy vaping!

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