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Vaping vs Smoking – 3 Important Differences

Modern-day cannabis consumers are facing a dilemma – vaping vs smoking – which method of consumption is best?

Both forms of cannabis consumption are effective, and a false dichotomy between the two need not exist. Whether or not vaping vs smoking is better for you really boils down to lifestyle, the reason for use, and personal preference.

Vaping vs smoking does indeed have its benefits over smoking, but the differences between the two may not be as large as you’ve originally thought.

Vaping vs smoking – here’s what you need to know.

Vaping vs Smoking Cannabis – Does it Matter?

vaping vs smoking differences

Let’s start with the basics.

Smoking cannabis, the technique that many of us will be familiar with, involves using incredibly high temperatures to combust or set the plant material on fire. This generates smoke, which also contains the cannabinoids and terpenes that we need to experience the psychoactive effects and flavours of cannabis.

Vaping, on the other hand, does not generate smoke. While it also utilizes high temperatures, the numbers typically don’t approach that of an open flame. Instead of combusting the plant material, the buds are essentially “baked” to produce vapour. This vapour, just like the smoke, contains the cannabinoids and terpenes found within the bud. 

The dangers of smoking and the effects they have on the lungs are well established. Whether it’s cigarette smoke or cannabis smoke, smoke is smoke and you’ll feel irritation and experience damage if you’re subjecting your lungs to constant smoke exposure. 

While the cannabis itself has no effect on your lungs, the release of carcinogens, tar, and other undesirable compounds in the combustion process will directly affect your health. These toxins also make blood vessels work harder, and could lead to heart attacks if you’re not diligent.

However, you would have to be consuming joints consecutively over an incredibly long period of time to begin suffering the same effects as you might with smoking cigarettes. 

Vaping vs Smoking Differences 

While consuming vapour instead of smoke is the main point of departure between vaping and smoking, there are some other factors that you should consider as well if you’re considering picking up a THC Vape pen.

Vapour Has no Smell

smoking vs vaping differences

The burning and combustion of any material will produce smoke that’s thick with tar, carbon, and a host of other undesirable compounds that tend to linger in the air. Cannabis smoke is no exception. 

The pungent, dank smell of cannabis is unmistakable. No matter where you are, lighting up a joint or a pipe will leave a smell that lets people know what you’ve been up to. 

Of course, this makes smoking near, inside, or around buildings impossible. 

Since vapour is by-and-large odourless, you won’t run into the same typical problems as you would with weed cigarettes.

If privacy and discreteness are important for you, then switching to a THC vape pen could just be the right move.

Vaping Produces Fewer Toxins

We’ve touched upon this topic briefly in our introduction, but it’s true that vaporizers are objectively better for your lungs and your health. The inhalation of tar, irritants, and other carcinogens are cut drastically when vaping vs smoking cannabis. 

Instead of combusting the plant material, it’s heated up at a lower temperature. Different models will vary, but the temperature tends to be between 185 and 210 degrees Celsius. This lower temperature allows vapour to be generated instead of smoke, which will still allow you to feel the same magnitude of effects as you would experience from smoking. 

In fact, a 2010 study with 20 daily cannabis users suffering from respiratory issues found that making the switch to a vaporizer minimized respiratory damage. Vaporizing your cannabis instead of smoking it will definitely have implications for long term health as a whole. 

Vaping is More Convenient

Preparing to smoke can sometimes take longer than the actual process itself.

If you’re not an already advanced cannabis smoker who has access to rolling equipment and supplies such as papers and tips, you’re going to have to hunt down the materials necessary in order to roll up that joint.

Experience is another thing that’s needed in order to master the art of the roll, and it’s an area that many tokers simply do not have the time to bother with. 

For those that swear by joints, it’s easy for them to prepare a couple and dole them out as the day or night progresses, but then you’ll also need to carry a smell-proof to carry them and a lighter to light them. All in all, it’s quite cumbersome.

THC vape pens present a whole package solution. The batteries are rechargeable, the cartridges are interchangeable, and they won’t need any special or smell-proof box to transfer them. 

smoking vs vaping guide

Instead of visiting your local dispensary to purchase a few pre-rolls, all you’ll need to do to prepare for a smoke is to check the battery level, check the cartridge amount, and whether or not you’ll need to top up on the charge. 

For those who don’t know or want to roll their own joints or carry around pungent pre-rolls, switching to vaping vs smoking is an ideal solution.

Vaping vs Smoking – A Healthier, More Convenient Choice?

We’ve talked about the potential health risks of smoking vs vaping, the privacy that vaping can offer, and the convenience of a THC vape pen, but whether or not vaping is an objectively healthier choice is difficult to say.

The amount of tar, carcinogens, and other lung irritants inhaled from smoking cannabis are worlds apart when compared to smoking. Smokers tend to consume more than 1 cigarette a day whereas many cannabis consumers will keep their consumption a minimum.

Cigarettes also have many additives included in them to help keep the oxygen flowing within and the cigarette lit. Cannabis cigarettes, of course, will not have these but at the same time, that’s not to say that these irritants don’t exist. 

Many enjoy joints, pipes, and bongs for the unique taste and experience that they offer. Smell and convenience are rarely the deciding factors when it comes to smoking, but they do certainly play a role.

For casual tokers, making the switch to vaping has many benefits. If you’re a more experienced or advanced cannabis user, you might not want to switch to vaping entirely, but perhaps you’ll include a THC vape pen in your arsenal for those moments where you just can’t be bothered to roll one up.

Whatever the case may be, vape pens are here and they’re here to stay. We hope this article has shed some light on why they’re so popular and has encouraged you to try one for yourself if you haven’t already.

Enjoy responsibly! 

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