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Weed Tea – How to Brew A Cup of Cannabis

Weed tea- for many, trying cannabis edibles for the first time can be a daunting experience. Choosing the right product can seem overwhelming with all the choices available – gummies, chocolates, baked goods, and even weed drinks!  

Although not technically a product you eat and chew, the effects of weed tea are very similar to other edibles. 

The effects of ingesting weed tea share the same characteristics of other edibles, including potential psychoactive effects, time to absorb into the body and cannabinoid conversion.

Depending on how you choose to make it,  cannabis tea can be significantly less time consuming and less potent when compared to homemade or commercially made edibles. Weed tea can be custom made to adjust to your personal tolerance to the psychoactive effects and your own tastes

Weed tea can have similar benefits to other types of edibles or ingestible cannabis. Using our tips and recipes below, we can show you how to make weed tea quickly and efficiently so you can experience the edible taste for the first time.

What is Weed Tea?

weed tea

Cannabis tea is traditionally made by diffusing dried and ground cannabis flowers using both the buds and the leaves. Weed tea can be made with either hot or cold water, in addition to a variety of spices and other non-cannabis ingredients. However, weed tea today is often made using decarboxylated cannabis combined with other oils. This mixture is then steeped or mixed into the traditional tea of your choice.

For anyone who is adverse to smoking cannabis or prefers to ingest weed in order to get high, cannabis tea is an excellent and quick at-home option.  Cannabis Tea benefits have been historically documented for its benefits and alternative medicinal properties. cannabis tea has been used for thousands of years dating back to the dynasties of China and the great Hundi God Vishu.

How Does Weed Tea Get You High?

Weed tea can amplify the effects of the traditional cannabis experience. This is not unique among other edibles, however, weed tea can be significantly easier to make and appropriate dose for your personal tolerance and preferences.

Creating your weed tea can be a comprehensive learning experience. Depending on how you prepare the tea and the types of spices, cannabis and non-cannabis ingredients used, each cup of weed tea can have a very different experience.

When looking to create a weed tea with a lighter experience, we recommend using trichome-filled cannabis leaves, sometimes called cannabis sugar leaves.  By contrast, if you are looking for a more potent psychoactive experience, we recommend using concentrates or applying an additional extraction process to your cannabis and marijuana. 

It is important to take the time to perform the necessary extraction processes before distillation if using buds or leaves. Without this extraction process, the overall experience and psychoactive potency will be minuscule at best compared to traditional edibles.

If you are looking to amplify your weed tea experience, we also recommend adding milk to your weed tea. Milk is considered to be an ideal cannabinoid extractor. Using milk in your weed tea can be done in a variety of ways.

Making Weed Tea

Weed tea can be beneficial to cure sleep-related and pain-causing ailments. There’s many schools and techniques when it comes to making weed tea but today we’ll be going over 3 of the most ubiquitous ways to brew it. These include:

  1. Using a tea steeper to steep finely grounded cannabis buds in hot or cold water.
  2. Creating a tincture by straining decarboxylated cannabis by using butter or coconut oil. This final substance is then infused into your choice of favorite tea.
  3. Infusing a prepared concentrate such as a tincture or distillate into your drink of choice

Using Ground Cannabis To Steep Tea 

Using finely ground cannabis steeped in water is the type of weed tea you should make if you are looking to taste the edible experience.  This type of tea has a medium level psychoactive potency with soothing type effects.  

This method is relatively easy and straightforward. To make this simple style of weed tea, you only need two primary ingredients – cannabis and water. Using a tea steeper, steep at least half a gram of cannabis into approximately one and a half cups of hot water.  It is important to ensure your cannabis is ground down to the same consistency you would use for rolling a joint. 

We recommend mixing this finely ground cannabis with approximately half a teaspoon of your favorite oil – we recommend coconut! Combine with your favorite spices and non-medicinal ingredients and let steep for 15-30 minutes.

After steeping your tea, you may want to add a bit of extra water. This type of tea is best served hot and enjoyed quickly after making.

Decarboxylated Cannabis

For the more advanced cannabis users, making cannabis tea with decarboxylated cannabis can be an extremely pleasurable experience. 

Decarboxylated cannabis is created through an extra extraction process, further separating the cannabinoid and terpenes from the buds. This results in a more refined cannabis experience.

Straining your decarboxylated cannabis with a mixture of oil and other ingredients can great a powerful psychoactive experience so it is important to use this type of weed tea with caution. 

To decarboxylate your cannabis, start by heating it in a pan set to approximately 220 degrees. Cook your cannabis at this heat for approximately 30-45 minutes.  In a separate pan or pot, add an oil or fat (we recommend coconut oil) and a cup of water. Bring this mixture to a boil to dissolve the fat completely into your mixture. 

Once you’ve created the oil/fat mixture, pour in the decarboxylated weed and simmer on low for 2-3 hours. Be sure to stir this combined mixture every few minutes to ensure nothing sticks to your pot.

Once this mixture is properly infused, your mixture should appear slick and glossy. Place this mixture in the fridge for a few hours and strain the excess water once completely chilled.

Once you’ve reached this stage, it is time to brew a cup of your favorite regular tea. While it’s hot, take a small serving of your cannabis oil mixture and stir into your cup of tea. Your cannabis mixture will be dissolved and will create the perfect cup of cannabis-infused tea.

weed tea mix

If you don’t want to do the footwork, getting your hands on a pre-prepared package of a THC infused tea blend is an easy alternative.

Cannabis Tea Infusions

weed tea infusion

Infusing your beverage of choice with a cannabis concentrate such as distillate or a THC tincture is the easiest way to create a cup of weed tea.

Cannabis concentrates such as cannabis oil, syringes of THC distillate and prepared cannabis drink mixes are the perfect addition to any hot beverage. These concentrates are already activated and “decarboxylated” so they’re ready to be absorbed into your system without any further preparation.

Cannabis concentrates, are, by nature, incredibly concentrated so they’re not recommended for novice smokers. If you’re going this route, it’s advisable to take it one step at a time. Find an amount that works for you and wait at least an hour for it to activate before upping the dosage. 

A word of caution

It is important to practice caution when making and consuming weed tea. Both methods of creating weed tea have significant amounts of THC within them, making them especially potent for all types of cannabis users.

 If you are new to edibles, the amount of time it can take for THC to be properly absorbed in your body can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 2-4 hours. A liquid such as weed tea can be expected to be metabolized in the body within an hour, but everyone’s personal tolerance to THC may be different.

A Cure To Your Ailments

Whether you’re a fledgling cannabis user or an experienced enthusiast, there is a weed tea for you. The benefits of weed tea are not only a fun experience but can also help to encourage better sleep habits, diminish feelings of anxiety, and reduce body pain.

When brewing your very own cannabis tea, it is important to customize your tea to best fit your preferences and personal tolerance. We recommend experimenting with different spices and non-cannabis to make your weed tea uniquely your own.

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