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What Are Phoenix Tears? Natural Cannabis Medicine

Cannabis pioneer and star of the thought-provoking documentary, Run From the Cure, Rick Simpson shared his recipe for a super-concentrated extract known as Phoenix Tears or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) back in 2003, but what are phoenix tears? 

This highly concentrated cannabis extract is picking up steam among alternative medicine professionals for its reported ability to combat chronic pain, inflammation, mental illness, and even cancer, but is it truly as effective as the anecdotal evidence claims? Let’s find out.

How to use Phoenix Tears – Concentrated Cannabis Oil

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The original how-to Phoenix Tears guide only allowed for a topical delivery method due to its thick consistency. This is why the preparation of Rick Simpson Oil requires the use of solvents and other thinning agents like vegetable glycerin; it allows phoenix tears to be dabbed, eaten, or used in vaporizers.  

Since RSO is already an active concentrate, it only needs to be heated to activate the CBD and THC compounds — which is great for smoking, vaping or cooking with it. It can also be absorbed sublingually under the tongue, put into capsules, or swallowed straight from the container. 

Remember that Phoenix Tears don’t mess around. This is an extremely concentrated and potent cannabis product, so we suggest starting with a small dose and gradually increasing it from there every 60 minutes.

In most cases, using a strong Indica strain is recommended for making a batch of Phoenix Tears — using acetone or 99% isopropyl alcohol as a solvent. Originally, a solvent called naphtha was used but is falling out of favor because there were some serious concerns regarding the toxicity as it is commonly used as a paint thinner

According to Rick Simpson’s website, it is recommended that new users begin with three doses every 8 hours, that is about the size of a half a grain of rice for the first four days. By day five, most people can up their dose to the size of a full grain of rice, three times a day. It can take a good 3 to 5 weeks for most users to be able to tolerate a full gram or mL a day (optimal daily dose) without experiencing the psychedelic effects caused by the THC contained in Phoenix Tears. 

Again, this is a very strong marijuana concentrate that should be taken in the recommended doses. While we all have different tolerance levels, it takes most users a good 60 minutes or more to feel effects — which is why it’s so important to wait between doses.  

Effects of Phoenix Tears

As we’ve mentioned before, Rick Simpson Oil is strong and the high is intense. That said, there have been numerous accounts of people treating various physical and mental health ailments using Phoenix Tears, but more research still needs to be conducted before an official claim can be made. 

According to Rick Simpson, RSO has been used to control various disorders including pain, inflammation, arthritis, cancer, asthma, diabetes, depression, MS, insomnia, infections, and high blood pressure. While these are some early signs that propose Phoenix Tears can aid those suffering from the list of conditions mentioned above, these claims still lack any conclusive evidence. 

Moreover, Rick Simpson claims RSO isn’t addictive, however, it has been proven cannabis can become addictive and can cause harm. In fact, Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome, short-term memory loss, and lung damage are a few negative side-effects associated with consistent, long-term marijuana use.

Who is Rick Simpson and What is RSO?

As mentioned earlier, Rick Simpson is a trailblazer of the cannabis industry for creating Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), and for being an outspoken supporter of medical marijuana. He was born in Nova Scotia and was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2002 — which is what served as the catalyst to the 2003 creation of Phoenix Tears. 

It is said that Rick Simpson Oil was created via experimentation on the basal cell carcinoma located on his forearm; claiming extended use of RSO is what cured his cancer. It is rumored that he gives Phoenix Tears away for free for people in need, and according to world-renowned stoner Tommy Chong, Rick Simpson Oil cured his prostate cancer

On the flip side, the World Health Organization states any of these claims are considered anecdotal evidence, and it wouldn’t be smart to generalize it as a treatment for all types of cancer. More research needs to be conducted before anything conclusive can be determined regarding the effectiveness of cannabis being used as a viable medicine or treatment for cancer. 

Medical Cannabis and Rick Simpson Oil

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Over the years, some tweaks and improvements have been made to the RSO recipe, incorporating help from new technologies in order to improve the safety, quality, and purity of the oil. Some of these new techniques make it easier to remove potentially hazardous solvents, and using other substances like MCT and olive oils to extract phytocannabinoids instead of other harsh chemicals is another new approach that has been added into the recipe book. 

Nevertheless, there is hesitation among retailers and dispensaries in regards to selling RSO because none of the claims are backed by peer-reviewed research, and there isn’t any evidence out there that proves it can cure cancer. Another concern is the residual solvents potentially left behind, and for many the cost and amount of marijuana needed to make Phoenix Tears isn’t justifiable. 

Concluding Thoughts on Phoenix Tears

If you live in a state where you have access to legal recreational or medicinal marijuana and you would like to try some Rick Simpson Oil, you can call local dispensaries to see if they carry it, or if they know of a location that does. 

With this in mind, it is important to do your own research regarding the safety and effectiveness of not only Phoenix Tears, but cannabis use in general.We want to advise you to make sure to get approval from your doctor, and to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with any other medications.  

While there is some evidence that CBD can induce death in breast cancer cells — there hasn’t been enough research done to declare it as a cure for cancer. 

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