What does 710 Mean and Where Does it Come From?

You might not have heard of 710, but you most likely have heard of 420. Around the world, 420 is known as the time and date to get high. 

Like many urban myths and legends that have hit critical mass, nobody can pinpoint exactly where or what its origins are. Some say that the term was coined by a few rambunctious high school teenagers who met up in the early 1970s to smoke cannabis after class. Others say that the term was used by the teenage group as a secret code word to look for an abandoned cannabis crop on a map that was left behind by a farmer. 

Although its origins remain unclear, what’s obvious is that the term has cemented itself into cannabis culture and has become a national holiday across 420-friendly cities and towns the world over.

But what does 710 mean, where does it come from, and how does it relate to 420?

Let’s find out together!

What Does 710 Mean? 

710 dabs

710, much like 420, is a term that’s grounded in cannabis use and culture. 

Whereas 420 referred to the act of smoking cannabis through a joint, bong, or pipe at 4:20 PM or on April 20th, 710 focuses on cannabis concentrates. 

When the 420 term was first popularized, cannabis technologies and innovation weren’t where they are today. Access to cannabis concentrates that we take for granted today, such as shatter, rosin, and even distillate, were few and far between.

It wouldn’t be until 1989 when author D. Gold would publish the second edition of his seminal work – “Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking” which provided readers with an overview of how to make honey oil at home. 

From there, the rest is history. Honey oil and other hash oil products would soon enter the market and change the way people would get high forever. 

But even though recreational and medicinal users loved BHO and hash oil products for their potency and delicious flavour, these products weren’t a part of the “smoking” family. They had to be dabbed, so they felt alienated from the 420 crowds, which focused explicitly on combustibles. 

Around this time is when clever dabbers invented a new term to rally around. By taking the word “OIL” and flipping it upside down, they got the number 710 and used the number the same way 420 is used today. July 10th became the unofficial “dab day” for cannabis concentrate enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy their BHO, hash oil, and distillate products in revelry. 

Origins and History of 710

Compared to 420, 710 was created in much more recent memory and the first instance of its use can be tracked down to rapper “Taskrok.” Taskrok and a group called “Task & Linus,” released an album titled “The Movement” on July 10th, 2011.

The album included such tracks as “Boil That Oil” and “7:10” and quickly became a hit amongst the dabbing community.

Even though Taskrok is definitively the creator of the term, he argues in an interview that he doesn’t want to take credit for the term, citing that he wanted to keep it open and inclusive to the 710 community. 

Could 710 Become the Next 420?

As more and more casual and novice cannabis consumers start smoking cannabis for the first time, more and more are switching over to dabs for the clean, potent vapour that dabs can deliver. 

In many ways, being 710-friendly is synonymous with being both cannabis-friendly and vapour-friendly, too.  Being 710-friendly can also mean that a person is an advanced cannabis user. Not many beginners would look to dabbing or cannabis concentrates as their first cannabis experience, after all. 

Could 710 become the next 420? It’s certainly plausible.

Joints, bongs, and pipes still remain the go-to method of choice for cannabis consumption, but many users are also making the switch over to portable, smoke-free and odour-free vape pens

Instead of burning plant material, vape pens vaporize distillate, a cannabis oil concentrate that won’t hurt your lungs or cause you to inhale tar, plant matter, and carcinogens like you would from joints. 

Cannabis flower can be vaporized too, but many enjoy vaporizing concentrates for the potency, ease-of-use, and easy accessibility they provide. 

They’re small enough to fit into your pocket, and you can vaporize them anywhere you want – even in places where smoking a joint might be frowned upon! 

So could 710 become the next 420? It’s likely, but it might not happen as soon as we might like. Cannabis consumers are still opening up to the concept of cannabis concentrates and might not be as quick to celebrate a dab day dedicated to just concentrates compared to 420, which celebrates cannabis and cannabis culture in its entirety. 

Cannabis OIL Friendly

Cannabis dispensaries might be quick to recognize 710 as dab day with deals and discounts on cannabis concentrates, but the general cannabis community might not be as quick to come around. 

420 has seen massive events and festivals hosted on an annual basis in 420-friendly cities around the world, but a dab day dedicated to 710 might have to be celebrated privately at home with a few like-minded enthusiasts! 

Whatever the case may be, the number 710 represents a sign of camaraderie and community for cannabis concentrate lovers everywhere. Be sure to spread the good gospel the next time somebody asks you what 710 means! 

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