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What is a Weed Grinder? Why Do You Need One?

A weed grinder is an essential tool for anybody who enjoys smoking cannabis flower. Its advantages, convenience and versatility are unparalleled and are often taken advantage of by many. 

Those with weed grinders might find it surprising that there are still some cannabis consumers who elect to use a pair of scissors, a knife, or even their bare hands to prepare their cannabis, not knowing that doing so can have a negative impact on their smoking experience.

Whether you’re using cannabis for medicinal or recreational reasons, a weed grinder is an essential tool to have.

However, there still exists a large population of cannabis consumers who either don’t know what a weed grinder is, how to pick one, or what the benefits of even having one really are.

With so much misinformation regarding cannabis and its consumption, this is not surprising. While an efficient grinder can improve the smoking and consumption experience manyfold, there are a lot of options to choose from and factors to consider before actually picking one up.

Before we get into the ins and outs of weed grinders and how to pick one, let’s explore why you should bruising a weed grinder to prepare your cannabis in the first place.

What is a Weed Grinder?

weed grinder or herb grinder

A weed grinder, also known as a spice grinder or a herb grinder, is a device that’s used to grind dry cannabis nugs into small, fine pieces. When cannabis consumers purchase cannabis flower, they usually come in the form of full-sized buds unless they’re pre-ground.

Why are weed grinders necessary? In order to fill a pipe, pack a bowl, or roll a joint, the cannabis must be cut or ground up into smaller pieces to burn efficiently. 

While this process could be carried out by hand, you’ll end up with a rougher, coarser grind than a weed grinder would produce.

If the cannabis inside your joint, bowl, or pipe is too coarse, it’ll suffer from poor airflow. Poor airflow leads to uneven burning which can make the smoke rougher to inhale and imbue it with a poor taste. 

Another reason to have a weed grinder is that it’ll help you catch and collect any trichomes that break off from the main buds. Also known as kief, trichomes are fine crystals that are packed with terpenes and cannabinoids. In addition to adding to the potency of dried cannabis, kief can also be used to add into joints and bowls or used to create hash.

How to Pick a Weed Grinder

The cannabis community is rife with innovation. No matter the accessory or tool, there’ll be plenty of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from that’ll suit your personal style and preferences. 

The same holds true for weed grinders. With that being said, the function of a weed grinder should be given more consideration than its form. How effective a weed grinder is will directly dictate the quality of your smoke.

Here are three things to consider when choosing a grinder.


Portability is a huge factor for many. A large grinder might fit well within the confines of a stash box, but not everybody will have the space or funds necessary to carry one with them at all times.

Some grinders can be slightly larger than your thumb, while others might fit comfortably into the palm of your hand. When picking your grinder, make sure to consider when and how often you’ll be using it to prepare your cannabis. 

If you’re a social smoker, a smaller pocket-sized grinder with a single chamber makes the most sense. Smoking at home? A larger, three-chambered grinder will be best. 


Weed grinders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, but they’re also available in variable chambers too. Grinder chambers are the spaces where your bud will end up after it’s ground. 

The first chamber is filled with spikes and notches to help hold the nugs in place while they’re being ground up. The ‘teeth’ on the lid will help tear up the bud into tiny pieces before it falls into the second chamber. Many portable grinders will only have one chamber, as we discussed above.

Larger weed grinders may have three or four chambers. The more chambers a grinder has, the more effective it has at ‘sifting’ your ground-up bud to collect its kief

As you grind your weed, the bud will shake and tumble within the chamber, and the trichomes will break loose and fall through to the chamber below. With the exception of the bottom chamber, many chambers will have a fine sieve as their base to allow the collection of kief.

Three chamber grinders are the most standard and the most popular. If you’re not interested in collecting trichomes, a single-chambered grinder will save you money and serve you the best. 


From plastic and metal to wood and ceramic, grinders are available in a myriad of materials. Plastic ones are affordable, light and portable but tend to be more flimsy than their metal counterparts. On the other hand, metal grinders are more durable and effective but are also larger and more expensive. 

For many, a metal grinder will be more than enough. Enthusiast-level cannabis consumers may experiment with ceramic and wooden grinders, but they must be prepared to pay a hefty price for their craftsmanship level of quality. 

How do You Use a Weed Grinder?

how to use a weed grinder

Using a grinder is an intuitive process. To use one properly, begin by opening the lid of your grinder and filling it with cannabis bud. Press down firmly on the bud so that the ‘teeth’ of the grinder catch on. Be sure not to overpack the grinder, as this can lead to a poorer grind and spills.

After that, close the lid of your grinder and twist the cap back and forth, alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. You’ll know your weed is ready when the lid becomes easy to twist.

Once your weed is ground, twist open the main chamber of your grinder and use your ground-up cannabis as you wish. 

Weed Grinder – An Essential Tool for Cannabis

Instead of cutting up your cannabis with scissors, a knife or using your bare hands to tear your buds apart, consider picking up a weed grinder instead. 

Save your time, weed, and fingers by making the switch over and experiencing the difference a great grinder truly makes.

If you didn’t know what a weed grinder was or what factors to consider when buying one, we hope that this article has helped shine some light on how to pick one that fits you!

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