Your Guide To Cannabis Dabs

Do you know what the dabs are? 

For starters, dabs are extremely concentrated cannabis products made through extracting the plant’s desirable compounds, such as THC, from the cannabis plant. 

Most dabs involve some form of solvent during their extraction process to refine their cannabinoid composition to the point when it is up to approximately three to four times as potent as a typical high-quality harvest of cannabis flower. 

That said, in the world of cannabis, dabs are commonly known for their ability to propel people to unprecedented levels of the cannabis high, which otherwise would not be possible through using regular bud.

With the flood of new and more advanced cannabis concentrates entering the market, dabbing has seen tremendous growth in recent years. To get a crash course on what dabbing is and what you’ll need to enjoy your dabs, keep on reading!

What is Dabbing?


Dabbing means the consumption of highly potent cannabis extracts through temperature-specific heating equipment such as dab rigs, e-rigs, and cannabis vaporizers.

Many people who enjoy the essence of particular strains and seek a novel and unique highs usually opt to dab for its ability to deliver a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes that otherwise would not be possible through traditional means. 

In many ways, dabbing refines several of the desirable aspects of the cannabis experience and accentuates them to cater to the needs of cannabis enthusiasts who seek something more significant than your classic smoking experience, including blunt and joint.

The Tools Needed to Dab

Dab rig

Dab Rig: A specially designed water pipe used for consuming cannabis extracts.

Banger, Nail, or Quartz Insert: The chamber where the dab is inserted and heated. Bangers and nails come in various designs that can manipulate the way heat is dispersed and the amount that can be dabbed in one sitting. On the other hand, quartz inserts are a newer addition to dab setups, giving additional surface area in the nail, maximizing the potential of low-temperature dabs.

Carb Cap: Carb caps help to regulate airflow. They’re mainly used to lower pressure in the banger or nail, trapping heat and reducing the vaporization temperature required for the cannabinoids. Carb caps come in a variety of different materials such as glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic.

Dabber: An applicator used to get your cannabis extract from its container to the nail for heating.


Torch: A butane or propane-fueled hand torch is essential to the dabbing process as it will allow heat to be consistently and evenly applied to the nail for vaporization.

How to Dab

Step 1: Heat your nail with your torch until it is glowing red.

Step 2: Once your nail is red hot, let the nail cool for approximately 30-60 seconds. Cooling the nail helps to prevent the scorching of your dabs when they are placed on the nail.

Step 3: Apply your dab to your nail and begin to inhale the vapor slowly. Since most extracts take some time to vaporize fully, taking a dab is reliant on a slow, and steady inhale over a long period of time.

Step 4: Add your carb cap on top of your nail to enhance your dab’s vaporization and finish inhaling.

Step 5: Exhale. Once you’ve finished taking your dab, clean your nail to prevent any residual extract from tainting future dabs.

Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates


Hooti shatter

A brittle, glass-like extract that is named after its texture and tendency to easily break when handled. Despite its fragile nature, shatter is popular for dabbing as it handles incredibly smoothly and quickly. 

Shatter is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing concentrates on the market, taking on the colors of a golden, translucent amber hue all the way to darker yellowish olive tones. Most Shatter carries a THC content ranging from 70-90 percent.

Our Hooti shatter is known for its potent sativa effects, great taste and unforgettable high. It is great for dabbing due to its solid texture and smooth smoking experience. Once inhaled, our shatter will relieve chronic pain, nausea and reduce mental stress. 


Easily identifiable by its sponge-like surface and crumbly texture, crumble is one of the most versatile extracts that doesn’t purpose itself exclusively to dabbing. 

Crumble can be an additional supplement to joints or bowls when extra strength and power are required. Crumble is also the driest type of extract on the market when appropriately extracted. Depending on the process behind making crumble, its THC content can range from 60-90 percent.

Terp Sauce

A full-spectrum terpene “sauce” coated with a layer of THCV diamonds. 

Terp Sauce is among the most luxurious of cannabis concentrates as its low-temperature extraction process enables producers to preserve a high level of natural terpenes and cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. 

If well made, Terp Sauce comprises around 50 percent terpenes, giving it the unique ability to work synergistically with the cannabinoids present in the mix. Terp Sauce is by far the most flavor intensive cannabis concentrate on the market. Try it out if you want to experience the full range of effects of cannabis concentrates. 

Live Resin

Live Resin is extracted from fresh plant material that hasn’t undergone any curing and processing. 

The reason why producers use fresh plant material is to preserve terpene levels that would otherwise be lost or damaged due to drying and curing. During the extraction process, producers flash freeze the cannabis at harvest. By doing so, they capture as much of the plant’s active cannabinoids and terpene profile as possible without any modification.

Hooti Live Resin is fresh, fragrant and packed with terpenes. Hooti Live Resin stands at the forefront of cannabis concentrates, providing a more flavorful and high-quality dabbing experience.

How Long Does a Dabs High Last?

Usually, dabbing gives a high that will last for approximately 3 hours

However, depending on your own personal tolerance level combined with the potency of the extracts used for dabbing, the effects could last even longer. As with all cannabis products, the amount of time the THC will stay in your system depends on various factors, including individual biological components.

Is Dabbing for You?

Dabbing can be an incredibly intense experience, even for people who regularly consume cannabis. The strength of many cannabis extracts triples and even quadruples the high that fresh flower provides.

If joints, edibles and vaping just don’t get you high anymore or you want to experience other flavors and new effects that terpenes provide, try dabbing. However, if your tolerance is low and you usually have a hard time handling a joint, it’s better to avoid dabbing altogether. 

Should you decide to try dabbing, we recommend you either do so in a comfortable area or be seated during the session as the high will hit you like a truck. As always, if you’re unsure about dosing, start small and go slow!

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