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How Safe is it to Smoke Weed Every Day?

When people say they smoke weed “regularly,” it can mean many different things. 

To some, regular cannabis consumption is probably every other day, or maybe once a week. For others, it means smoking weed every day – especially for those who use cannabis for medical conditions. 

Smoking weed every day can be helpful at times. However, a few health drawbacks may lead you to reconsider the habit. 

Should You Smoke Weed Everyday? The Benefits 

Smoking cannabis every day has its benefits. However, it also depends on how old you are. Adults are likely to experience fewer negative consequences than underaged users, as their brains are further along in development. 

The University of Rochester Medical Center states, “There have been recent news stories and state laws about the possible medical benefits of marijuana and its casual or recreational use. But these don’t apply to children and teens.” 

Teens who use cannabis regularly often refer to studies demonstrating the positive effects to justify their marijuana use. Yet, it’s important to remember that they cannot fully experience these cited advantages due to their brain’s developmental state. 

Secondly, researchers found that about 70% of people who smoke marijuana also smoke tobacco. There isn’t enough evidence to show that cannabis enhances the adverse effects of tobacco use. Yet, it might not allow you to experience the full benefits of cannabis either. 

Of course, many more conditions and caveats could interfere with your ability to receive the full extent of cannabis’s benefits. Yet, your age and substance use habits, along with your medical condition, are the most critical influencing factors. 

Speaking of medical conditions – these underlie the primary advantages associated with daily cannabis consumption, discussed below. 

  • Anti-Inflammatory Activity
  • Appetite Stimulant and Anti-Nausea Characteristics
  • Alleviating Chronic Pain

Anti-Inflammatory Activity

 smoking weed everyday benefits

One of the most well-known cannabis attributes is the plant’s ability to fight inflammation. In fact, scientists recently dove deeper into the herb’s potential for treating inflammation related to coronavirus infections. Extracts from the Cannabis sativa Arbel strain were shown to “substantially” reduce inflammatory activity in lung cells. 

The cannabinoids – specifically cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) – and terpenes in the extract decreased the numbers of cells called “macrophages,” especially interleukin (IL)-6 and -8. These are “pro-inflammatory,” so their lowered numbers help keep tissue irritation and swelling in check. 

Still, the specific cannabis consumption method influences which benefits you do or do not experience. Many medical cannabis studies use extracts, so more investigations are needed to determine how helpful smoking might be for inflammation. 

Appetite Stimulant and Anti-Nausea Characteristics

Cancer patients must continually face the debilitating symptoms caused by chemotherapy treatments. 

Some of the most prominent effects are nausea, vomiting, and a loss of appetite. Fortunately, one of the most famous effects of using cannabis is getting the “munchies,” or, in other words, suddenly developing a strong appetite

This can help keep cancer patients from losing too much weight while receiving necessary life-saving treatment. 

Past clinical results have shown that, although patients don’t generally report significant weight gain, they do experience noticeable improvements in their appetites. 

Researchers believe this is because the endogenous cannabinoid system may help regulate feeding behaviours, especially CB1 receptors in the hypothalamus. 

At the same time, marijuana use can help keep the additional meals down by reducing feelings of nausea, thanks to its “antiemetic” qualities. 

Unfortunately, extensive reviews have excluded inhaled cannabis’s effects related to this trait. Because of this, the most substantial evidence for cannabis being “more effective than conventional antiemetics” is based on oral cannabis-derived medications. 

Alleviating Chronic Pain

smoking cannabis every day

Smoking cannabis for chronic pain management is another widespread practice. 

Many studies have included investigations into the value of smoked cannabis – that is, combustion from the flower and in vaporized form. 

For instance, one study involving 21 patients showed that vaporized cannabis provided significantly more pain relief over five days than sustained-release morphine. 

In the form of a prescription drug, nabilone, cannabis also improved the management of pain, nausea, anxiety, and distress much more effectively than NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Plus, taking nabilone also helped patients reduce their use of: 

  • Opioids 
  • NSAIDs 
  • Tricyclic antidepressants 
  • Anti-seizure medications like gabapentin 
  • Anti-inflammatory medications, such as dexamethasone 
  • Anti-nausea drugs like metoclopramide and ondansetron 

Negatives of Smoking Weed Everyday 

Cannabis’s numerous advantages are undeniable. However, there are some weaknesses that may interfere with the plant’s ability to help improve your medical conditions. 

For example, referring back to the caveats associated with underaged cannabis use, many studies have shown that adolescent cannabis consumption is linked to “long-term harms, including cognitive impairment and increased risk of schizophrenia.” 

In addition, adults may be at risk for developing the following health and financial issues too.

  • Respiratory Issues
  • Financial Instability 

Respiratory Issues

smoking weed

Among the most notable health problems associated with regular cannabis consumption is the variety of respiratory problems. In the book, Marijuana as Medicine, Alison Mack and Janet E. Joy write, “Although free of nicotine, marijuana smoke certainly pollutes the lungs.” 

Still, there is no clear evidence that cannabis smoke is more harmful than tobacco smoke. In some cases, cannabis joints can result in more tar in the lungs due to a lack of filters. In others, tobacco cigarettes tend to be packed more tightly, leading them to produce more smoke. 

Tobacco smokers also tend to smoke more cigarettes per day than joints (3-4 joints per month versus about 20 cigarettes every day), making them vulnerable to more significant respiratory problems. 

In either case, cannabis smoke can lead to

  • Excessive coughing 
  • Increased phlegm 
  • Wheezing 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Swelling in the throat 

Financial Instability 

Smoking weed every day is just plain expensive. A mere 3.5 g of dried cannabis flower typically costs $30-50+, depending on where you live. Some people develop weed addiction and become so dependent on the herb that they throw away their financial security. 

Magdalena Cerdá of the University of California, Davis, Health System led a study on the connections between regular cannabis use and financial and social patterns in adulthood back in 2016. 

Based on their findings, the researchers concluded, “[People] with regular cannabis use and persistent dependence experience downward socioeconomic mobility, more financial difficulties, workplace problems, and relationship conflict in early midlife.” 

Those who were determined to have an unhealthy cannabis dependence showed stronger associations with “financial difficulties” than those with alcohol addictions. However, there was no evidence of risks with other economic or social issues. 

Should You Smoke Weed Everyday? 

Despite the many benefits that cannabis has to offer, it’s not entirely risk-free. 

Smoking weed every day can help certain medical conditions, but only when done responsibly and with awareness of the potential health problems.

Be sure to consult your doctor to find out more about smoking cannabis, its health benefits and the negatives. And remember to practice safe and responsible consumption.

Look after yourself and stay healthy!

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