How to make cannabis oil

How To Make Cannabis Oil: Step-By-Step Guide

Do you know how to make cannabis oil? When it comes to making your own medicated edibles, knowing how to make cannabis oil is the first step to success.

By now, every man and woman is probably aware of what edibles are, but they’re probably unaware that nearly any type of food item can be infused with cannabis.

As of late, cannabis edibles have been ranking among the most popular cannabis products on the market, and for a good reason. Edibles are safe and effective if consumed responsibly, and they’re also a fun and creative way to experiment with your weed!

So how do you even get started with making your own edibles anyways? Well, the first step is learning how to make your very own cannabis-infused oil at home, and we’re going to show you how.

Cannabis Oil in a Nutshell

Cannabis oils are the foundation for many of the cannabis edibles circulating on the market today. They offer us a tasty vehicle to consume our cannabinoids or mix them into foods to create our own versions. 

Cannabis oils are essentially cooking oils or butter that have been infused with cannabis. Producers choose to infuse cannabis with fats not only because they’re easy to consume and cook with, but also because the cannabinoids in weed are fat-soluble. 

Much like Vitamins A, D, E, and K, cannabinoids also get absorbed much quicker and efficiently when consumed in the presence of fats.

The Best Oil to Infuse Cannabis With

cannabis oil

Most commonly, producers will make cannabis-infused oils with cooking oils such as coconut and MCT oils as they tend to bind with cannabinoids the best and are capable of retaining a large number of cannabinoids and terpenes from the original bud.

Keep in mind that coconut oil and MCT oil are completely optional, in fact, many people also use household oils like olive oil or vegetable oil with great success.

In terms of selecting the correct oil or butter to infuse with, there is no correct option. It all comes down to personal preference as each oil carries its own unique sets of attributes.

How to Make Cannabis Oil and Butter

What You’ll Need:

  • A cup of high-quality ground cannabis (You can add or remove some depending on how strong you want your oil to be)
  • A cup of cooking oil or butter (MCT oil and coconut oil work the best)
  • Cooking equipment: A saucepan, a slow cooker, or a double boiler (Each will require their own unique cooking times which we will cover)
  • A strainer or some cheesecloth
  • A weed grinder

Your Equipment and Ingredients Matters

It goes without saying that the quality of your end product can only be as good as your input ingredients. That said, don’t skimp out on the weed, if you want a high-quality cannabis-infused oil, you’ll need to utilize the best bud you have. 

You can also expect the cooking process to last at least 3 hours. Of course, depending on the equipment you are using, some more time may be added on:

  • Saucepan Method: 3 hours cooking time | Checking and stirring the mixture frequently
  • Slow Cooker Method: 4-6 hours cooking time | Occasionally stirring and checking on the mixture
  • Double Boiler Method: 6-8 hours cooking time| Occasionally stirring and checking on the mixture

When cooking your oil, it’s important to be mindful of the temperature and heat used for cooking. For the best results, keep the heat to a minimum, below 245°F (118°C).

How to Make Cannabis Oil: Directions

Step 1: Grind Your Weed

grinding weed

Using your weed grinder, separate your buds into smaller fragments, but be careful not to over grind your weed. 

Your weed needs to be small enough to be easily coated by the oil and large enough to be caught by your strainer or cheesecloth. If you don’t mind having a few leaves in your oil, feel free to grind your cannabis into a fine dust.

Once you’ve gotten your cannabis to preferred consistency, combine your oil with it. Mix it evenly and pour it into your saucepan, slow cooker, or double boiler. Make sure you fully emulsify your cannabis and oil together so the coverage is even.

Step 2: Decarboxylate Your Weed

This step is critical in determining the potency and strength of your cannabis oil. If your weed has not been appropriately decarboxylated, there is a chance that it will lose its strength, or worse, not work at all. 

As we’ve previously covered, you’ll want to make sure you keep heat under 245°F or 118°C to preserve the terpenes and keep the cannabinoid composition intact.

If you’re using a double boiler for cooking your oil, you’ll need approximately 8 hours to cook your oil, checking and stirring the mixture every once in a while. If you’re using a slow cooker, you can set the oil to cook for 4-6 hours (The longer, the better), stirring and checking the oil occasionally. 

Finally, if you’re using a saucepan, you’ll only have to cook the oil for 3 hours, but it will require you to check and stir it more frequently.

Tip: If you’d like to add a buffer to prevent scorching, try adding a little bit of water to the oil.

Step 3: Strain Your Concoction

Lastly, once you’ve completed the cooking phase, use a strainer or some cheesecloth to strain the remaining shreds of cannabis from your oil and remove them. In case that you don’t mind eating the grinds of cannabis, you can leave them there.

For storage, it’s best to keep your oils in an airtight container in a dark and cool place. Prolonged exposure to heat and light will damage the cannabinoids and terpenes you worked so hard to preserve. 

The average shelf life of cannabis oil is around two months, although you can store it in the fridge to extend its lifespan.

Cooking With Your Cannabis Oil

Since you’ve already decarboxylated your cannabis oil, you have the option of using it straight out of the container to get its effects. 

However, if you plan on cooking some food with it, make sure that you utilize low heat for preserving the terpenes and cannabinoids. As we’ve previously covered, any temperature below 245°F or 118°C is in the clear.

If you have some questions on what you can cook with cannabis oil, check out this guide for tasty recipes!

Final Thoughts on How to Make Cannabis Oil 

Whether you plan on making some simple pot brownies to enjoy for yourself or a full course medicated meal for you and your friends, you’ll need first to prepare your own cannabis oil to get things started. 

Whatever you plan on making, ensure that you take the care and time since different equipment will require different times for your cannabis oil to be fully cooked. Make sure to keep your temperature to a minimum, below 245°F or 118°C, to preserve your terpenes and cannabinoids composition.

We hope this article provided some helpful knowledge for you to take a step in the right direction to make your own cannabis-infused oil. Have fun making your own edibles, and as always happy trails!

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