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The History Of The Roach Clip

What is a roach clip, and how has it been used? 

Marijuana has been enjoyed for quite a long time, and ever since the legalization of cannabis, the use and popularity of marijuana has only increased. 

With something that is popular and accessible, also come lots of interesting and ordinary inventions to smoke and experience marijuana. 

One of these low-tech and continuously used tricks is a roach clip. 

This old-school method was invented a while ago out of necessity. From paper clips and bobby pins to alligator clips with a feather from the 80s, there were many creative ways to smoke your joint without burning yourself. 

Keep on reading, and we will uncover the history behind roach clips and how you can use them for yourself.

What Is A Roach Clip? 

The word roach clip is defined as “A metal device used for holding a blunt when it gets too small to hold with fingers” and “A device used to hold a marijuana cigarette to avoid the dropping of it when intoxicated”.

While this may be true, there is also another point of view of a story.

The History of the Roach Clip

There are two perspectives when it comes to defining the story of a roach clip. 

The first story comes from the early 20th century and its Mexican folk song “La Cucaracha”. ‘La Cucaracha’ song became very popular during the Mexican Revolution (1910 – 1921). It was used among revolutionaries to keep up the spirit and mock the cruel Mexican dictator Victoriano Huerta.

Back then, revolutionaries were using marijuana to prepare for a battle and for recreational purposes to help them relax. 

On the contrary, there was the jazz connection coming back from 1938 when the roach clip was referenced in a New Yorker Magazine article about Jazz clubs in Harlem. 

In that story, reporter Meyer Berger visits a marijuana-smoking party in Harlem. After that party, he comes away with slang from the subculture, which includes a roach (remainder of a joint that has just enough cannabis left to take a few hits). 

Regardless of when the term was born and how it was used, the fact remains that the roach clip is associated with joints and cannabis and can be used to smoke your blunt safely.

Types Of Roach Clips

When it comes to smoking your blunts and joint safely, roach clips can be used to ensure that you don’t burn your lips and mouth. 

Whether you are on a budget or want to invest some money into higher-grade materials like steel and aluminum and design them with clips, wires and glitter, there really is no shortage of materials when it comes to creating your own roach clip. 

Here are some examples that can be used as an inspiration for creating and buying a roach clip. 

Bobby Pins

In 1973, a sarcastic author Charles Willeford wrote an article titled ‘The Ubiquitous Roach Clip’.

In that article, he described the evolution of a roach clip and how the roach clip has transformed from a split match to the refined and well-designed clip over a short period of time.

Initially, a bent paper match in the form a “V” was used, however, it was quickly substituted with bobby pins since they were able to provide better support and with one flat interior side and one bumpy side, the bobby pin was more comfortable to use to hold the joint.

Hippie Roach Clip

Then, at the beginning of the 1960s, hippies pushed the limits of the roach clips.

Hippie roach clip

From unconventional bobby pins to these beautifully designed curvatures, the roach clips have changed drastically. 

Because of hippies, today, we can find a variety of ornamented roach clips that are decorated with crystal stones, glitter, feathers, sequins and even jewels. 

Alligators with Feathers

By the 1980s, the mass mass-produced alligator clips began to take over. Alligator clips were initially used for electronics to assemble or alter experimental circuits. However, their purpose had changed for those interested in smoking joints safely and creatively.

Alligators with Feathers

In the 80s, school-age girls started to wear them to style their hair and upgrade their look. Later, they became favorites on music concerts and eventually became one of the most popular designs.

Should You Use A Roach Clip?

Roach clips are still remaining very popular and are used among seasoned smokers. However, there are some downsides related to these tools. 

Using roach clips means that smokers can hold a blunt when it gets too small, and therefore they can use it down to the filter.

While these sound beneficial, there is actually a significant concern attached to it. Smoking your joint to the filter means that it gets extremely hot and can eventually burn your lips and mouth. 

In some cases, smoking your joint to the last bit also means that you can burn your lungs and cause adverse effects such as hoarseness, trouble breathing, coughing and confusion.

To avoid these effects and symptoms, people opt to use safer and more health-conscious tools such as vape pens and vaporizers. 

Vaporizers are known to reduce the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, provide more potent highs and are beneficial for those who can’t stand the smoke from cannabis. 

Our Hooti vape pen is an excellent option if you want to substitute your roach clips with something more contemporary and, most important, safer.

Hooti THC Distillate Vaporizer Kit

Hooti vape pens are used for those looking to medicate on the go and discreetly. Each starter kit from Hooti includes a Hooti Pen Kit with an extra 1 gram cartridge of THC Distillate.

These cartridges come in 10 different flavors including God’s Green Crack, King Kush, Hawaiian Cookies, Green Crack, Afghan Kush and Wedding Cake, to make a few. 

If you want to relax in your own place’s comfort, medicate without worries and even without the smell of cannabis (your neighbours will thank you!), try a Hooti vape pen!

Roach Clips – Right For You?

Whatever tools and methods you eventually choose to go with can be selected depending on your preferences and budget. 

If you are looking for cheaper options, you can go with roach clips. However, we recommend going with safer and more beneficial options such as vape pens. They provide a better experience and protect you from burning your mouth and lungs, as we have discussed before.  

Unlike roach clips, vaporizers are safer and easier to use if you are on-the-go.

Try them out for the health benefits and as always, happy smoking!

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