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Using THC Tinctures to Better Medicate – Complete Guide

THC tinctures have changed the way people use and approach cannabis. Previously, the health benefits that cannabis offered have been locked behind either lung-irritating smoke or sugar dense edibles. With cannabis tinctures slowly becoming more and more spread, more casual consumers are able to experience all the benefits of THC and cannabis without stepping outside of their comfort zone.

With that being said, there are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding cannabis tinctures and how they should be best used. Questions ranging from what these formulations contained to their potency and everything in between have yet to be standardized across the industry.

THC tinctures – here’s what they’re all about, their benefits, and how to best use them.

What is a THC Tincture?

A tincture is any concentrated extract made by soaking the plant matter in a solvent to extract the beneficial compounds.

Tinctures have a long history. At the height of the American Civil War, a Union army soldier was treated with a tincture of cannabis after his tetanus and gangrene arm was amputated. A cannabis tincture has many applications, chief amongst them being medical. Medicinal users of cannabis swear by cannabis tinctures for their ease of use, accurate dosing, and fast relief.

With cannabis tinctures, cannabis flower and other cannabis plant material is usually soaked and suspended in high proof alcohol to extract the cannabinoids from the source material. Alcohol is the most common solvent, but other premium materials such as MCT coconut oil are commonly used as well.

Compared to cannabis oils and concentrates, a cannabis tincture will tend to have the alcohol and other solvents remain in the final product. Cannabis oil products such as shatter, distillate, and crumble will have these solvents removed before it’s packaged.

Benefits of Using a THC Tincture

The advantages that a THC tincture can offer in lieu of smoking a joint or eating an edible are multifold.

For starters, you’re not irritating your lungs with smoke or vapour. The high sugar and calorie content typical of edibles such as brownies and candies are also avoided.  However, these are all surface-level benefits. The real magic lies in their ease of use and simplicity.

Easy and Accurate Dosing

Figuring out the proper dose of THC or CBD you’ll have to take with any cannabis product has always been an area of difficulty. It’s almost impossible to figure out how much THC or CBD is in one joint or hit off of a vape. For medicinal patients, this presents an obvious problem.

Unlike a joint, pipe, or vape pen, a tincture will have its contents contained in dropper bottles. These bottles will also have a dropper included to allow for precise dosing. You’ll be able to know just how much THC or CBD you’ll be taking in each dose. You won’t have to worry about accidentally greening out or overdosing if you’re medicating with a tincture. 

Faster Relief

Since tinctures are categorically the same as edibles, it’s easy to assume that you’ll need to wait anywhere from half an hour to two hours in order to start feeling the effects.

You’ll be surprised to find out long onset times are actually not the case with tinctures. Unlike edibles, tinctures are applied sublingually or beneath the tongue. This method of application allows the contents of the tincture to absorb faster into your system, allowing for faster effects. 

Discretion and Privacy

Many of us will be familiar with the pungent smell that cannabis flower and cannabis edibles carry. If you’re around children or those who don’t look too kindly upon cannabis, a tincture will look not much different than other varieties of medicine. Typically sold in glass bottles, they’re a great way to hide your medication in plain sight.

How to Use THC Tinctures

Compared to rolling a joint or making an edible, tinctures are almost deceptively easy to use.

The first step is to purchase a quality tincture from a reputable dispensary. From there, you have 3 options to take.

The fastest and simplest method is to dose it under the tongue. All you have to do is measure out the dosage you want, dispense the amount under your tongue, let it sit up to a minute and a half and swallow.

If you’re feeling like the taste is too strong, another method of consumption you could take is to eat it as is. The effects won’t be felt as strong as a sublingual application, but you’ll feel them nonetheless.

The final method involves infusing your beverage or food of choice.  Coffees, teas, and fruit juices are great options but sauces and soups work just as well. Simply drop the required amount into your dish, stir or mix to combine, and consume your meal.

THC Tinctures – An Easier, Faster, More Precise Method to Medicate

CBD tinctures

A tincture won’t be the first thing that’ll come to mind when you think of cannabis, but after reading this article we hope that you consider it as one of your meditative options.

Tinctures are smell-free, combustion-free, and hassle-free. They won’t irritate your lungs, accidentally cause you to overdose, or stink up your residence. Whether your objective is to get high or simply discreetly medicate, THC tinctures are there to please. Consider purchasing a tincture the next time you’re looking to medicate for a faster, easier, and more precise way to medicate.

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