Weed Diet

Weed Diet – What The Science Says

A weed diet sounds counterintuitive, but can it actually work?

Consumption of cannabis has been scientifically proven to lower your blood sugar, leading us to experience the infamous “munchies” and hunger pangs that are so endemic with using cannabis. 

However, it’s been theorized that long-term cannabis use can actually help consumers achieve and maintain a healthy body weight compared to that of non-smokers.

Let’s demystify the science and see what the facts have to say about the weed diet. 

Studies on Weight Loss & Cannabis

The American Journal of Medicine surveyed a total of 4,657 adults with 579 of that cohort being regular cannabis consumers smoking on the average, about 3 to 5 times a week. The study revealed that these cannabis smokers had, on average, an insulin fasting level 16 percent lower compared to their non-smoking counterparts.

A lower insulin fasting level discourages intense changes in the body’s level of insulin. Spikes in insulin levels are commonly attributed as factors leading to chronic health conditions

Additionally, a weed diet could help users regulate their body’s glucose absorption abilities, aiding in increasing the body’s amount of good cholesterol and metabolism. 

With that being said, there are still areas of research that need to be investigated to reach a conclusive recommendation, but there is definitely a great promise. 

Another secret about the weed diet is that many habitual “overeaters” do so because of a psychological high that gets triggered whenever food is consumed. For cannabis users, the ritual of smoking activates their reward center and thus, overrides the need to search out and overeat food actively. 

Weed DietHow Does Weed Impact Weight Loss?

While cannabis has beneficial effects on insulin levels and limiting overeating, it’s by no means a miracle cure. Cannabis users, on average, have a smaller waist circumference than their non-smoking counterparts but the use of cannabis alone is far from the sole determiner for weight.

An active lifestyle, healthy diet and conscious mindset are all needed to shed the pounds – not just active consumption of cannabis. 

However, there are some additional things you can do with a weed diet that could aid you in achieving your goal. The Journal of Health and Economics has reported that the use of marijuana can energize its users and inspire them into physical activity. When considering between indica vs sativa strains, choose a sativa variety for its energizing and mentally stimulating effects. 

Combine an active sativa strain with a good exercise regimen, a healthy diet and you’ll soon find yourself easily losing the weight. Some activities that pair great with a good cannabis sativa high are weightlifting, hiking and even yoga.

Weed Diet – How to Smoke Weed & Lose Weight

Depending on your lifestyle, there are many avenues to go down when it comes to weed consumption. To best fit in with the weed diet lifestyle, here are a few commonly used methods:

CBD Oil Canada
  • CBD Oil: The non-psychoactive counterpart to THC, CBD is a cannabinoid that could actually help to suppress appetite
  • Vaping: While smoking weed is the most common method of consumption, prolonged use could lead to lung irritation and ultimately, damage. Vaping through the use of vape pens and cartridges are preferred due to their safer delivery method and minimal effect on health. 

Choose THCV Dominant Strains

While a majority of indica strains and some sativa strains can give its users an intense feeling of hunger known as the “munchies,” not all strains are equal and make their users hungry. Strains that are high in Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) actually have an appetite suppressing effect. 

THCV can also help in maintaining a healthy balance of glucose in the body, reducing the chances of an insulin balance that could disrupt your metabolism and lead to issues such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney failure and even cancer. 

Here are some appetite suppressing strains high in THCV to include in your weed diet:

Cut Alcohol

The saying is that cannabis users trade one vice for another, and now it’s been scientifically proven that cannabis smokers, on average, consume a significantly lower amount of alcohol than their non-smoking counterparts. 

While alcohol is deeply entrenched in modern society, cutting it out and switching to cannabis instead will have an enormously positive effect on your physical health and weight. Alcohol is packed with sugar and empty calories that offer no nutritional benefits – cutting it out of your diet will remove a large calorie sink that’ll help you shed the pounds. 

Raw Cannabis Juice

You might have heard of cannabis drinks, but probably never considered the possibility of cannabis juice?

Juicing raw cannabis sounds dysfunctional but the beverage offers comparable nutrition to vegetables such as spinach and kale. High in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp is a complete protein and is gluten and dairy free – capable of being included in any weed diet.

The cannabis leaves themselves are an excellent source for fiber, magnesium, phosphorus and a host of other valuable nutrients. The seeds are also a good source for protein, beta-carotene, potassium, fiber and many essential vitamins and fatty acids. 

Juicing raw cannabis also won’t get you high, so it’s a great healthy alternative to a sugar-packed fruit smoothie or protein shake. 

Is a Weed Diet Right For You?

Don’t be fooled by misconceptions that weed of all types will give you the munchies. A weed diet that makes effective and smart use of cannabis can be extremely powerful in losing weight and keeping it off. 

There’s a host of peer-reviewed literature that supports the idea as well as anecdotal evidence that the ganja is indeed a weight loss aid.

While the tips outlined in this writeup are important, the most critical factors of effective and speedy weight loss are still a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. While strains high in THCV are great for suppressing the appetite, a weed diet should never be used as a crutch or as a substitute for actual lifestyle changes.

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