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Reading While High – Indulge in a New Perspective

Reading while high is an engaging and fascinating experience.

Cannabis can do a lot of things for your mind. It can relax it, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress, boost it to enhance your sense of taste, smell, hearing, touch, or stimulate it to improve the flow of creativity and productivity. 

In fact, due to the combination of these qualities, many people tend to enjoy various types of media while high, whether it be watching movies, eating food, or simply reading. 

Cannabis can clear the mind of the stresses for you to fully engage in whatever you are doing. Not only that, but the cannabinoids in marijuana also boost the senses, increasing your perception of tiny details that might have gone otherwise unnoticed. 

To top it all off, the divergent thinking that cannabis is so well known helps you connect the dots on bits and pieces of information that may have at first alluded you. 

That said, one of the most engaging past times we as humans can partake in is storytelling and reading. Through the aid of cannabis, readers can fully immerse themselves in the worlds and environments of what they’re reading, helping them pick up on vivid details of the environment or characters and get lost in the story itself.

If you were already taken aback by a good novel or short story, wait until you hear what it’s like when you’re high. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Reading While High – What are the Benefits?

reading while high guide

Many people who have tried puffing on a joint and then reading have reported enhanced cognition, understanding and picturing information. 

Some of the most prevalent benefits of reading while high include:

Enhanced Imagery

From the reports of thousands of people who have tried cannabis, we can gather that the high it produces often enhances divergent thinking, resulting in vivid imagery and enhancements in the realm of imagination. 

Whether the queues we pick up on are auditory, visual, or relating to the sense of smell, the enhancement to the senses allows us to pick up on details that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

When reading, the high from cannabis can enhance vivid imagery, enabling the reader to immerse themselves in whatever material they are reading. 

Certain cerebral strains also promote a clear-headed high, allowing the processing of information to be uninterrupted by other thoughts on the mind’s periphery.

Enhanced Foreign Language Understanding

lighting marijuana joint

One of the most exciting aspects of the cannabis high is its ability to give us the power to piece together bits of loosely related information to form a whole. 

Users who have reported struggling with understanding foreign languages have experienced a sudden understanding after smoking some marijuana. They can view the sentence as a whole rather than a string of bits and pieces. 

The simple struggle of single-word translation can transcend into blocks of formative sentences, allowing the reader to process things more intuitively.

Enhanced Focusing Abilities

The cannabis high is known to sharpen the senses, including our auditory abilities.

In this study by Harvard Psychologist, Charles Tart, it was found that certain words from music were better understood while the user was high. 

Perhaps, this phenomenon could be attributed to cannabis’ ability to give us the means to “hyper-focus,” directing all of our attention to one spot. That said, the cannabis high could help us facilitate our focus on the material we are reading.

Best Books to Read While High

1) Green Eggs & Ham

Dr. Seuss’s book can always be a good time when reading while high. 

It’s simple and can be digested thanks easily to its bite-sized proportions. Not only that, the art style and themes behind each short story are further enhanced through the use of marijuana.

Give it a try if you want to experience a whole new world.

2) Dune

reading while high books

For those who enjoy sci-fi, Dune is a 1965 science-fiction novel by Frank Herbert. 

In the year 10191, Arrakis’s desert planet that houses the universe’s most valuable material is awarded to a duke, Leto. 

In an attempt to oust his enemies from the planet, there is a significant backlash from the enemy faction, resulting in violent warfare and confrontation. 

It then becomes Leto’s son’s responsibility to help the natives of the planet redeem their planet and battle to control their world and resources.

3) Lord Of The Flies

The Lord Of The Flies is already a great read while sober. The story follows a group of British boys stranded on an uninhabitable island. While at first, things are unorganized, things quickly begin to derail as the boys organize themselves into their factions.

For those interested in analyzing and learning about human behaviour, the Lord Of The Flies sheds light on humankind’s multifaceted nature of humanity in its purest form. 

Not only is the book a great read while high, but it also offers some insight into the nature and tendencies of people. The use of marijuana can help readers gather a new perspective on the never realized characters’ story and behaviour.

4) Flowers for Algernon

An interesting science-fiction short story that explores what it means to be human and whether it is the pursuit of knowledge or the pursuit of happiness matters the most in the end. 

Through the use of vivid imagery, Flowers for Algernon explores the need to question everything you know and how it is our love and interactions with others that define the meaning of our humanity. 

The story follows one man’s adventures, Charlie, a mentally handicapped individual who undergoes experimentation that has him gradually reach genius levels of intellect. 

The story showcases his character transformation and how it affects his experiences and relationship with the people closest to him.

5) Tao Te Ching

Tao Te Ching

For the more philosophically-inclined out there, one of the most highly translated pieces of written literature aside from the bible is the Tao Te Ching. 

The Tao Te Ching concerns itself with the Dao, which translates to “Way,” and teaches implementation of it through the virtue of non-action and effortless action. 

The Tao Te Ching focuses its teachings on few principle pillars that encompass phenomenons such as the “flow state” and the art of being like water, highly malleable, soft, and yielding, yet can erode even the hardest of materials like rock. 

The fundamental principles that the Tao Te Ching have taught have been sources of inspiration for many artists throughout history.

Reading While High – A New Way To Experience Books

Cannabis provides a number of benefits, but they are not limited to medical use alone. 

The sensory enhancing capabilities and divergent thinking that cannabis is known to produce can be implemented in a variety of different forms. Its effects allow users to feel more, taste more, see more, and most importantly, experience more

This ties in well with reading and experiencing stories as it allows users to be further immersed in the material they are reading. 

Whether you are reading fiction, or nonfiction, a novel, a short story, or a simple article, marijuana will allow you to think outside of the box, giving you a greater perspective on the narrative or information you’re trying to understand.

Happy reading!

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